Of Former Fame / Press

“Top 10 in Modern Rock, September 2010”

"... go check out this great album. There will be a few you will fall in love with this year and I assure you ‘Among Us’ will be at the top of the list."

“17th in Best of Artists in Rock for Week of February 22, 2011”

"These guys are AMAZING -- they have a great collection of songs in addition to this one -- be sure to check out Dichotomy and Gummie Bear after you're done enjoying this one!"

“Top 40 in Alternative, December 2010”

"Great vocals, clear and awesome arrangements of instruments. Liking the 90's influence but brought to the popularism of today. I agree with the build and layering."

“Top 40 in Alternative, January 2011”

"Well I someone told me about you in a coffee shop the other day, and i not going to lie you guys are really good."

“41st in Best of: Artists in Rock for Week of December 15, 2010”

"I can hear why you did so well in the contest...congrats : )"

“5th in MTV2 Portland Rail N Rock, July 2009 out of 120 bands”