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“When it all comes together there’s a psychedelic vibe shaking the songs from the inside, with Moises’ lead vocals as our humble guide. If all the records in a vinyl shop climbed off the shelves and had a party when we all went to sleep, it might sound something like this.”

“Opener, and first single, “Vice City,” kicks off with a jumpy guitar intro then evolves into a hippy shake. Moises Jimenez leads the four-piece with scratchy rust-coated vocals. It’s fun and loose and would be the perfect first song to play on a long road trip through the country.”

"I am sure you, like I, wander past in a bleary ear of indifference as this genre fills the wallpaper paste of elevator music, but from time to time something cocks the ear and so I find myself with Off Orbit. The quintet – plus – have grasped the essential sounds of their mix-tape and weave from the loom a luxurious blend that settles like a cashmere pair of socks on the feet – hardly felt but somehow comforting at the same time...."

“The lead single of the EP is ‘Pretty Little Things’. It is a beautiful mix of echoed vocals and spaced out sounds over a nice peppy rock beat. Psychedelic without leaving you wondering what you just listened to.”

“Good track here, like the flow, some great sounds being used, vocals have a nice tone to them. song has a really interesting almost psychedelia feel to it.”

Stuart Epps - Review of "Pretty Little Things"

"Off Orbit" is nominated for "Best Blues Artist" in the Artist in Music Awards 2013 http://www.aimusicawards.com/#!vote