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“Wrecked Be Thy Name Given the amount of upcoming metal bands, it’s getting harder and harder to be positively surprised by a new release. Fortunately, that isn't always the case. From the first riff on the... Please click anywhere on this article to view the rest of the review...”

“Lots of great music to be had. Years ago I would have never thought that there would be so much great music out there if I hadn’t decided that the radio wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I’m glad I came to my senses. The problem now though is that there is so much out there, what do I listen to? Well below are a few of the highlights that I’ve had playing though my speakers as of late. Please click anywhere on this article to view the rest of the review...”

“Wrecked turns out old-school metal riffs and progressions like nobody's business. Their sound is vintage as if they could have just walked off a '78 tour with Sabbath or Deep Purple. Wrecked is entirely down to the hard business of playing well thought out riffs and interesting dual guitar lines. They are a group who certainly deserves to be heard and seen. Wrecked, takes a step back in time, writing and performing new music that is as original and honest today as it would have been in the eras it might feel like it could have came from.”

Les Garner - Sixus 1 Media

"By far the most interesting band I have heard in a long time. They have all the ingredients that will make an incredible future album. This band has energy, musicality, and....the voice ! "

Erwin Musper - (Internationally acclaimed producer and studio engineer - Words Around Town

“This is straight up old school metal. Vocals are great and have their own style, while the bass is thunderous, the drums powerful and the guitar riffs are memorable. With hook riffs like "Doing Just Fine" and an awesome instrumental "Smoke Break". This is an album that warrants repeat listening.”

Isaac Thornhill - Downfall of Darkness - Words Around town

““I have been in the music scene since 1989 and have seen many great Cincinnati based bands. The versatility and musicianship of Wrecked not only brings me to several shows of theirs (on my tight schedule)....it brings me right to the front every time. I have had some great moments jamming to this band and I encourage everyone to experience it as well. It's one thing to hear a band, but to feel a band and grab that "let's do it" attitude from some young fresh talent is truly a great thing.””

Ted Brasier - Author "Get the Point" - Words Arouond Town

“It really saddens me when I see a very promising band that lacks attention. Wrecked is a pure Rock n' Roll band hailing from USA. When I first heard this band I told myself, "Bands are going back to the main roots". That's exactly what this band is doing. Their guitars are solid with variety and style. Not any guitar player is able to take his tones up and down maintaining his style of music. They achieve this. Listening to their track "Nic Fit" it reminds of a song from THE SCORPIONS-Nightmare Avenue, slower than their song, but it sounds like it. "Make My Day" is an instrumental. Again, their guitar work is great. They are my kind of music and your kind too if you are fan of pure rock n' roll.”

Nancy Luke - Nancy Luke Webzine