Verde / Press

“I really like how the vocals have a rap style which gives the song a great vibe and energy.”

“this band is totally awesome, I was like, How the hell did I miss these for so long ...”

“After the opening track, it’s quite a delight to listen though the hectic hard rock style sound of Verde.”

“Every now and then you stumble across a great band that’s been around for a while and you think “how have I never heard of this band before?!” That’s what happened when I came across Verde...”

“This quartet is from Long Island, NY and trying really hard not to take it all too seriously while putting quality into every track”

“From Long Island, New York, and without all the little techno bits that accompany the top-name singers, we get to hear from Verde the essence of rock. And it sounds spectacular...”

“...this up and coming band has a passion for music that you can feel in your bones. While there are definite classic hard rock influences in their music, Verde has found a distinct sound that has set them apart from any other rock act out there today. And the talent in this band is undeniable...”