The Generators / Press

“Not many bands can drop album #8 and instantly have it among the best three of their career - let alone the best - but this is THE GENERATORS, one of the most underrated bands in Punk Rock today. This gives us 11 new tracks and there’s not a single duff tune; just what you’d expect from veterans like former SCHLEPROCK vocalist Doug ‘Dagger’ Kane and guitarist Mike Snow. What wasn’t expected was the energy and zeal the songs have, from the bombastic opener ‘Angels Looking Down’ to the anthemic closer ‘United Like Brothers’, there is both an effervescence and sense of accomplishment about all the songs. It’s no surprise when the best way to describe the band is a mix between BAD RELIGION and SOCIAL DISTORTION”


“he Generators are perhaps one of the most underrated punk rock bands in the scene right now. Last of the Pariah is their 8th full-length release and their first on DC Jam Records. If you’re looking for music that’s similar to Face To Face, Bad Religion and Social Distortion, then look no further! I’ve been a fan of the Generators since their very first album in 1997. I even like Schleprock, the band that some of the members came from. The band has grown musically since then and aren’t afraid to not sound “punk” every song. A good example of that is on tracks “3am” and “Lost in the Valley”. My favorite or most notable tracks are listed below but out of that group, I think “Condition Red” and “Chains of Darkness” are the best tracks on the album. Those tracks just feel like something the Generators would do. Old school style Cali punk rock! The album is consistent and I didn’t feel like skipping any tracks. ”

Bryan Kremkau - Read Junk