Eric Johnson / Press

“How talented is Johnson? Eric's so good it's ridiculous," insists Steve Morse, who on several occasions has asked him to join his band. "He is extremely expressive on the electric guitar, and that's not easy to do. He's a great writer and singer, and he has an incredible solo style. Not only does he have a lot of flash, but he also finesses these amazing, complex lines with very intricate fingerings. He creates great rhythm parts and has fabulous tones. On to of all that, he's the kind of person that people like right away and want the best for."”

“Eric Johnson has good news for his fans across the globe. "My new album is finally finished," the Grammy Award-winning guitarist tells MusicRadar. "It's called Up Close, and I'm looking to release it in the middle of October. There's the chance it could be held for a month or two, but I'm hoping for October. It turned out great. It's definitely a step in the right direction."”

“Eric Johnson is on the short list of all-time guitar heroes, earning critical and commercial success, a Grammy® award, peer accolades and unabashed fan devotion. His music reflects a broad range of influences—blues, country, pop, rock, jazz, fusion and more, and his meticulously produced albums are often equally divided into instrumental and vocal songs that showcase all of his musical interests.”