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“According to Deadline, the “Making the Band” standout, who played up her theater background on the show, will put her acting talents to work in “Blackbird,” a new indie flick that stars Oscar winner Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington. Spring training must be just around the corner, because this definitely sounds like the BIG LEAGUES!”

““Blackbird,” Mo’Nique’s first movie since “Precious,” has been set for a world premiere on Feb. 16 as the closing night film for the Pan-African Film Festival at Rave Cinemas in Los Angeles. Directed by Patrik Ian Polk in an adaptation of the novel by Larry Duplechan. The story centers on a church choir singer, portrayed by Julian Walker, in a small Mississippi town who feels like a misfit as he struggles with his sexual awakening and the realization he is gay. Terrell Tilford, Gary L. Gray, Kevin Allesee, Torrey Laamar, Nikki Jane and D. WOODS also star.”

“This past weekend I had a chance to run into D. at several BET Hip-Hop Award events. And as always her gleaming smile and beautiful skin weaken me a bit and I found mysef inquiring about her new found opportunities. Below D. Woods speaks and clears up her new found goals, and well wishes for Danity Kane minus her SIGNATURE sound.”

“They say p–sy rules the world and that is exactly what D. Woods is attempting to convey in her latest single “Gold Mine”... which playfully tells women to treat their assets as treasures and know that they are sitting on a gold mine. Thumbs up to D. Woods vocals on this track.”

"D. Woods Glows In Gold Mine Video"

“ “The grey area is generally reserved for the undefined. This GRAY AREA for D. Woods, however, is the definition of true artistry and the mastery of the color of absolute. “ Cappriccieo M. Scates - Senior Director Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC”

SESAC Magazine

“... I've always known the D. is an accomplished performer. Her knowledge of the industry, as well as music, the stage and all things in the realm of performing arts definitely put her in a class of her own. It's rare to find a triple threat like D., who has the education to match the skill level." Brain Davis - Music Editor, Concreteloop.com”

Brian Davis- Music Editor - Concreteloop.com

“Woods explained the album title as "The Gray Area is the area I have been existing...everybody is in limbo...you might find yourself unemployed or in between professions or you graduate from school and don't know what to do. Or you are an artist like me who had to make a transition from label to independent situation." Woods keeps the guest features to a minimum on the seven track EP. One on the few guest appearances is her sister Shanell (of Young Money) on the "Foolish Dreamer" record.”

“When it comes to the music industry, it’s not just Black or White, there is this distinct Gray Area, and D. Woods has proven that.”

“D. Woods will not allow her voice to fade to black... The Gray Area is a tour-de-force of D.Woods’ past, present and future. “Outta Here,” her foray into what she calls “urban experimental” sounds. “Lady in the Street” is her battle of the sexes anthem (part two is an ultramagnetic dance remix). “Wonder Woman,” the set’s lone ballad depicting someone who is looking for some form of human salvation was inspired by her mother (who was also present and smiling the entire time). “Liar Liar” is her ladies’ anthem, and “Foolish Dreamer” is for the people that live in their imaginations. The Gray Area is an indicator that Ms. Woods is not in “D.” nial – she knows what she wants and is determined to go after it. Point blank.”

“In case you missed it, last week Bomb On Em was over at Zac Recording in Atlanta for D. Woods album listening party for her new project The Gray Area. Guests included the album’s producers Simon Illa and Life The Great, as well as Dondria, Maybach Music’s Wale, Donny Goines and DJ Toomp.”

“Last week former MTV Reality Diva, D.Woods unleashed her long awaited EP – The Gray Area at a private listening session at Zac Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The Gray Area is now available for the world to enjoy on iTunes. Special invited Celebrities, Media & Tastemakers listened to tracks from The Gray Area as we sipped on specialty drinks provided by Grey Goose”