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My name is Derek and I am an audio engineer specializing in electronic music. My niche is usually industrial dance or just EDM, but I also create industrial metal, electronic metal, dubstep, hiphop/rap, trap, and various forms of commercial music.

Why the name?
The name “Drone Unit” was designed for more than one reason. But, the main reason is because I always feel like a robot in society. In almost every society we are mentally programed to talk, act, and think the way we are taught and expected to. I choose not to be controlled by these expectations. When I would go to work each day at supposedly “a good company”, I would always hear management say “Hey, I need more bodies over here!” when they needed some help in a department. It’s okay, I don’t feel human anyway. They want robots that never get sick or have any imperfections that they can use to get rich. I just want to make enough money to live comfortably with my family, and have enough time to spend with my family. That is what makes me happy. Drone Unit is more than just music, it is a movement that you can be apart of. Show society that you won’t be controlled! I use my music to show the world how I feel.

Are you a Drone?

Derek started out at the age of 11 playing a six string electric guitar learning heavier styles of rock and metal. In his early twenties, he moved on to experiment with different genres of electronic music. Industrial metal and trance electronica were his favorite styles of music during this time.

In 2010, Derek joined an industrial EBM project with Michael St. Morior and Jeffrey Syn called Cystem Cex to become the programmer and designer/writer for most of the music. Feeling disconnected and limited by this band, Derek left Cystem Cex in 2012 and created Drone Unit to begin experimenting with newer styles of electronic music.

Drone Unit is now a finely tuned machine made up of industrial metal, dubstep, and other styles of electronic music. Derek has been able to put down the guitar and use synth programming as the weapon of choice for most of his songs. As technology improves, so will the music of Drone Unit.

Creating a new sub-genre called Electronic Metal:
Not many other artists know how to use a synth like a guitar (let alone mimic the sound of a muted guitar). Derek and a small handful of other artists have begun to create a new sub-genre of heavy metal called "electronic metal" where the guitars are replaced by keyboard synths. Drone Unit is going to take this project one step further by combining electronic metal with harsh dubstep basses and sound effects.

There is no end in sight for Drone Unit.

Enjoy the experiments!

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Derek - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Drone Unit
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Elk Grove, CA

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