Diamond Lane ® / Press

““Terrorizer” should elevate the band’s status as a premiere Hard Rock band not just from California, but for all of the world to enjoy. It’s rare in this day and age that an independent act comes down the pike, hits me upside the head through strong songwriting and performance skills, and leaves me wondering why they remain neglected on a larger label support scale.”

“The last time a new(ish) band generated this much excitement in me was Holy Grail in late 2009/early 2010, and it’s safe to say that Diamond Lane are the Holy Grail of 2014. Pick up ‘Terrorizer’ and look out for this band to carry the flag for Los Angeles and American hard rock/heavy metal in the years to come.”

“It’s surprising to see a band of this caliber still unsigned, which is probably their own decision. But if they are looking for a deal, Terrorizer should be enough to attract the attention of many big name labels looking to get a piece of the action.”

“Call them hard rock, heavy metal or whatever you want, Diamond Lane are the real deal!!”

“Great songs that are heavy enough to please the Metalheads, melodic enough to attract those with a broader palate and catchy enough to bother the radio.”

“Diamond Lane has written some really good songs on this album…World Without Heroes will certainly not go forgotten and with Diamond Lane on the rock scene, one can only say - Rock 'n' Roll is Still Alive!”

“They’ve got the catchy rock riffs, great melodic hooks, and the metal chops that keep them from being one dimensional, all with a modern sound that appeals to the new generation and a good old fashioned work ethic and blue collar approach that should endear them to the old guard.”

“DIAMOND LANE's "World Without Heroes" is good old-fashioned, straight-up, in-your-face rock that seems a little hard to come by these days…. "World Without Heroes" offers a catchy hard rock sound in a well-produced package and for that reason alone you should give it a listen.”

“DIAMOND LANE has certainly been picking up speed lately and there is a fair amount of buzz around the place about this new album of theirs and it’s easy to see why. WORLD WITHOUT HEROES has a unique, catchy sound with a fantastic production and enough music to please fans of a fair few different genres…”

“They are clearly talented musicians and perfectly capture a moment in time that metal fans seem to be longing of late and there are plenty of hooks.”

“Possibly the most impressive thing about this release is the fact that it is all done with no label support…this is easily one of the most solid, most truly enjoyable releases I have heard so far [this year], with no disappointing ballads or wasteful filler material. I would be shocked if these guys don't find themselves a label home before their next album is released, nor would I be surprised to find out that this disc is picked up and repackaged by someone later this year. It is that good.”

“You do not make a mistake with Diamond Lane. THE ROCK IS NOT DEAD. These are cool, varied and new hard rock combination tunes for music lovers and serious listeners. You have a real bomb between your hands and I suggest radio to absolutely play this masterpiece.”

“Every track is a winner on "World without heroes". Glad to see a young band stick at it and really knock one out of the ballpark as Diamond Lane have done on this album.”

“…with wailing guitars, unrelenting screams and a backend determined to hammer the message home, it is a great effort from a band that is trying to find their place in the currently screwed-up music business.”

"This four-song [Save This City] EP fucking RULES, and lays any and all competition to waste as far as recapturing that good [rock] sound…it gets the sound just plain RIGHT, the songwriting is right on par with the stuff from the genre’s heyday and it leaves you absolutely starving for a full-length release. The fact that this band is even accepted on this site should tell you something about the music right off the bat, and this I must say is definitely the heaviest I’ve heard the style get. Bon Jovi this ain’t, needless to say. Every song is mainly centered around rock/metal grooves with a shitload of attitude and general asskickery injected into them. The great thing is that this heavy/rock-ish mix never clashes badly - what it does is that is adds diversity and pushed the boundaries of the genre, which is always a big plus when done well. Worthy of further praise is the production, which is total major label quality and packs a great punch."

"107.7 The Bone and The Saddle Rack in Fremont have catalogued a list of bands that are willing and ready to play their black hearts out, for a spot as the opener for ZZ top and Aerosmith at the Concord Pavilion August 19th. Sunday July 27th was the first round of metal mêlée, with six solid bands playing for your vote at deafening decibels. The stand out was Diamond Lane, the band stirred the biggest crowd of the evening. With no shortage of supporters sporting the band’s merch, Diamond Lane left people with bloody eardrums and shattered chest cavities. Jarret Reis, their axe talent melted faces on six strings of piercing pentatonic while Brandon led the pack with a rock god like stage presence. This Sunday has an entire new line up but Diamond Lane is going to make them work for it. When competition meets artistry it can bring out the worst, but these bands are putting on their best show for the judges, which are actually the fans. Win-win in my book."