Brutal Death Fuck / Press

“Why is it that everytime i hang out with you guys in the chatroom i end up with a hang over lol! Cheers Deuce...”

“The fact that Zach did this all himself amazes me. Like I said there is no overpowering of one instrument over the other and his vocals are never drowned out. Everything is presented perfectly. Brutal Death Fuck is something you need to experience for yourself and can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us!!”

“Hide your children, lock up your wives and daughters, keep a firm hand on your booze, fall down upon your face and pray to your false gods for deliverance from the one man metal holocaust that is Zach! My friend for many years now. You have truly mastered what I seen you start all those years ago.”

Jason Phillips - facebook

“having photos of women being beaten and threatened, as well as having pictures of women's diseased/mutilated genitals, etc...looks like you're specifically targeting women. Especially because I don't see any men receiving the same treatment on your site. Because domestic violence and discrimination towards women is a big problem, don't you think that having images like these only perpetuates it?”