RISE / Press

“Well, i have been jamming the new album for a bit now, worth the wait i gotta say... there is some classic stoner shit going on...”


“Like a weird mix of doom , gloom and synth pop with very, very unique vocal styling. I'm drawn into a trance like state listening to this.”

Rvdrocks - SignMeTo RoadrunnerRecords

“This is quality old-school rock that should find a audience within the Stoner/Psych crowd, grab a download and check it out. 9/10”

“You muther fuckin rule!!! This is music to stone by if there ever was such a thing!!! Earth X !!”


“yeahhh...heavy!...stoney!...really great guitar parts! This is some of the more seriously compelling stuff I know of anywhere.”

“Really love your work.”

Tim - Seamount