Offering / Press

“Velvety, dynamic lead vocals of Amsterdam-born Jeanine Guidry highlight this nine-piece Richmond band called Offering. Guitar- and piano-driven sounds, along with strings, flute and world-beat percussion give them a full, multifarious vibe.”

“Serious -- this is one of the finest performances, of one of the most beautifully written songs I've heard in a while. Worship songs have their place -- if I were of such a mind, this song would be in power rotation on my stereo. Wow what a voice ... what musicianship.”

“The young lady who's singing this tune has her heart and soul into this song. Very well written,very well composed, flawlessly performed ... and the lyrics tell a very human story.”

“Jeanine Guidry's vocals have the gritty texture necessary for rock delivery, yet the sweet passion required for a number like Ave Maria.”