Odyssey / Press

“Their [Odyssey's] music has a tendency to draw in the listener as if this was an engrossing novel. ”

“Rather than hopping on whatever trend they [Odyssey] felt would get them to the top, this talented threesome has chosen to make dynamic, unpredictable, technical music.”

"An Abstract Existence is the sort of thing that should get the tech and prog fanatics properly salivating, which is all the more impressive considering it comes from a band very firmly in the underground."

“I rarely find instrumental metal that jumps up and grabs my interest. But An Abstract Existence..... has done that. I haven’t been this captivated by an instrumental album since 2009, when Animals As Leaders debuted and Scale the Summit released Carving Desert Canyons.”

"'An Abstract Existence' blends the melodic and the brutal with surprising ease. The band displays a technical prowess that might literally be unmatched in contemporary metal."

"Schematics is flat-out fucking fantastic. It’s refreshing to hear this sort of creativity from a band so young!"

"Odyssey has tackled the uniquely challenging genre (which I just made up) of ‘intellectual-instrumental’ metal and has done so with a good deal of talent and gusto."

"Besides being a completely worthwhile journey into the mechanics and technicality of metal, the 'Schematics' EP also gives people who don’t enjoy extreme vocals a chance to delve into heavier music."

“Another band from the growing list that subscribes to the notion that the bass is an instrument that should be prominently featured in the mix, which I can wholeheartedly get behind. Proggy and technical — but not too much of either — instrumetal that doesn’t fall into the trappings of any currently hot sub-genres.”

“Think you need lyrics to headbang? Instrumental metal band Odyssey will make you think again. ”

The Inlander

"Schematics" is an instrumental brain scrambler that’s completely engrossing. For every two-dozen new bands that string together three chords and jump on the latest bandwagon, whether it be deathcore or something else, maybe you’ll find one that tries seriously to construct intricate music that engages the emotions and the mind at more than a superficial level. And the ratio of bands that can attempt that and pull it off successfully is even smaller. Odyssey is one of those bands.

“To the discerning metalhead who enjoys dissecting every last bit of a song — this is your new favorite band. ”