Odium Totus / Press

“A driving, punishing riff and dray as hell vocal line cruise towards the enemy like a slow motion cavalry assault on Caecus Symbolorum. Then the tempo erupts into a full on charge. The riffs have the effect of dragging and a mournful solo flows out across the song's structure. Cold, astral riffs rise like comets across the sky as the song continues along its warped arc. There is a definite cosmic feel about the guitar style present here. A necrotic fuzz permeates the opening blasts of Orgy Of Self Worship. A midtempo flow overtakes the song with deep ponderings on black metal essence. Passages of undulating riffs and hammering drums wash away the song's structure before it settles into an segment of alternating blasts and nebulous free-form black metal. None Are Equal bury you beneath waves of drum blasts and circular midtempo patterns. Warbling, forlorn leads fly out before the main riff explodes upon your eardrums for an apocalyptic effect.”

“This quite simply is the best newer black metal band that I have heard in YEARS. Just pure, raw yet atmospheric and moody at times, black metal. All of the things that I fucking get into about Burzum, old Deathspell Omega, old Mayhem even prime era Ulver and shit like that is here. GREAT band and I can’t wait to hear more. This is driving through the mountains music, or even plotting to kill someone music. Pick your poison! The CD is called “Nullam Congue Nilhil” and it has 4 songs of twisted black metal hell on there!”

“Describing their music as “all about torment,” Odium Totus vacillates between dreadful moments of wretched hopelessness and pugilistic riffs that pound the listener senseless. With a sound reminiscent of Ved Buens Ende’s Written in Waters, Nullam Congue Nihil is a caustic, vicious insult aimed at every living thing on the planet. Yet, even this bleak darkness hides a subtle sense of aesthetics, and listening to the album multiple times reveals layer upon layer of sheer dissonant majesty. Odium Totus sets out to prove that even the most punishing and immediate black metal can be atmospheric, like the ringing in your ears after repetitive, blunt-force head trauma. Between Dyingnysus’ continuous death rattle and R. Sodomizer’s pounding percussive assault, Nullam Congue Nihil mocks the very concept of mercy by its explicit promise of pain. Listen at your own peril”

“ODIUM TOTUS have captured a sound all their own with Nullam Congue Nihil. It is quite hard to describe, as it blurs the lines of metal. There are small elements of black metal within the music, but it takes on more of an ambient and experimental tone. Drudkh comes to mind a few times, other than that I really can’t put my finger on any comparisons. Something most bands cannot do. Nullam Congue Nihil is an extraordinary example of pure virulent metal with depth and dreadful atmosphere. In a world where metal begins to sound the same ODIUM TOTUS have conquered and achieved to sound like no other.”

“It is very Nietzsche inspired in some respects. I suppose I could pull a Zarathustra and hideaway in the mountains for 10 years—trust me, it hasn’t been ruled out—but I suppose this is my coming down from the mountain to spread the ideal of order through chaos, and chaos through order. I must say that it is also a flat out refusal to appreciate or believe in the concepts of pity, mercy, equality and tolerance. Take that as you will. I have an ideal of what a cold and detached person is, in what I see truly as a cold and detached world. The one we live in now is fooling itself into being one of peace and togetherness (which it is not, never will be).”