Oddlot / Press

“Oddlot is the never-say-die spirit of punk. Know that. Loud guitars, Dan Dobson, Chris Chapman on strum and thrum, respectively, with a standout lead in Chris Merlick, banging drums off the swinging arms of Nick Dagovitz, a bald bellows breathing fire front with harmonica and maraccas for good measure, or measure-filling, Joe Jarvis. They rock the balls off the joint...”

“There’s an arresting potency from the start of the set from Dallas’ rowdy blues-punk ramblers, Oddlot. A throbbing crowd met them last week (11/8) at Lola’s as a part of Fort Live’s monthly Wreckoning. The band unleashed a rockstorm of ferocious intent conveyed with a bellyful of punches, sliced up with randy devil guitar parts from Chris Merlick and Dan Dobson, they never lose sight of the lead vocals of Joe Jarvis, which melds the rawest sides of both Blues and Punk rock. Throaty and full of gasoline, Jarvis and his harmonica are the barbed wire wrapped around the encampment of this freight train of a band.”