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“While the compositions leave little, if any, room for improvisation, Maddux' keyboard orchestrations are uniquely over- the-top. This is where the old-school prog / fusion elements come to the surface, as Maddux' keyboard array employs facsimiles of Fender Rhodes piano, mini-Moog, and even a snippet of Hammond B- 3. Also present are pulsating, squelchy synthesizer sounds that resemble electronica (e.g., Amon Tobin, The Future Sound of London), and otherworldly washes, whooshes and swoops employed by cosmic rockers such as Ozric Tentacles and Øresund Space Collective. Instead of stringing a succession of riffs together, Maddux' compositions are well-integrated and carefully mapped-out. The relative lack of improvisation necessitates strong melodies and interesting changes, both of which This Hyperlink has in abundance. Durfee's metal-inflected drumming is mixed way up front and, at times, the music sounds like a drums and keyboards duet.”


“Octaveleven: This Hyperlink Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, the all-instrumental keys— bass—drums trio Octaveleven presents a dynamic blend of old-school progressive rock, math-rock, metal, fusion, and electronica on their debut EP, This Hyperlink. The result is highly appealing; catchy and tuneful in ways that one doesn't normally associate with progressive rock of any sort. Drummer Ben Durfee and bassist Paul Wagner keep the complicated rhythms funky, loose, and—despite the preponderance of odd and compound time signatures—dance-able. Viewed from afar, Octaveleven's sound bears some resemblance to the music of so-called djent bands such as Animals as Leaders, Polarization, Scale the Summit, and Chimp Spanner. But there are significant differences that make their music stand out and demand attention. Unlike all of the aforementioned, Octaveleven completely eschews guitars—opting instead for a universe of keyboard sounds generated by bandleader and composer Philip L. Maddu”

dave wayne - octaveleven

“OCTAVELEVEN: THIS HYPERLINK POSTED BY CHERYL LYNN ON OCT 4, 2015 IN ALBUM REVIEW, NEW RELEASES, PROGRESSIVE ROCK, TECHNICAL octaveleven This music is as bizarre and moving as a delirious fever dream. Octaveleven is multilayered, very experimental and progressive, with spacey keyboards that might be more comfortable in an Atari game. The best songs had the dissonant urgency and impatience of a boss battle, with musical tension mirroring a climactic showdown. In the haystack of disharmony, you occasionally find a needle of melody. Some of the refrains are catchy despite themselves, and the percussion anchors the flighty, spaced out riffs. This album is very entertaining and enjoyable, but its length is modest and there is nary a party anthem to be found. This is more like Meshuggah, whose syncopated beats, unusual time signatures, and other rhythmic techniques are tools to experiment with music. This results in something that sounds different and interesting.”

Cheryl lynn - undead goathed

“Octaveleven (EP) Ditch everything you think you hate about rock/jazz fusion and come sit next to Santa Fe outfit Octaveleven. The 11-year-old brainchild of keyboardist-songwriter Philip L Maddux, this trio, which also includes percussionist Ben Durfee (CassoVita, As in We) and bassist Paul Wagner, is poised to release its debut instrumental EP this summer. Crammed with über-mathy arrangements and Durfee’s signature double-kick madness, the four-song affair is short on individual riffs but tall on collaborative technical prowess. If you’ve ever lost yourself in a rhythm breakdown of a Rush song, you’ll lose your goddamn mind in this release. (RDW)”


“THE TIMMYYZZZ fantastic music original /creative great sound well done thanks for the support right back at ya jeff c/o THE TIMMYYZZZ”

the timmyyzz

“Trail by Fire,,Very creative , groovy Love it Blue Summerstar ”

Blue Summerstar - Trail by Fire,,Very creative , groovy Love it Blue Summerstar

“ Great Stuff. Prog Rock at its finest. King Crimson meets the Flower Kings, yet fresh at the same time. Awesome. ”

From: Artist - El Flowious - El Flowious From: Artist - El Flowious

“ Thanks for becoming a fan. You music is awesome as well!! Keep it up! ”

Holicx Holicx - Metal / Progressive Metal / Experimental 02/01/2012 9:41 AM T - Holicx Holicx - Metal /

“ very cool music. Reminded me of a modern Zappa/Gentle Giant/King Crimson vibe. Thanks for connecting. ”


“ kick ass dude. i (james) am reminded of derek sheridian of dream theater/planet x. very cool moods, instrumentation, progression. u have a fan, sir!!! ”

Omega Dawn - Omega Dawn From: Artist - Omega Dawn :

“ Great sounds, Reminds me of the arcade days, Thanks for the support and keep me posted :) ”

Edward Boland From: Artist - Edward Boland - Edward Boland From: Artist - Edward Boland

“ Really enjoying your superb music! ”

Anchorage Alaska From: Artist - Anchorage Alaska - Anchorage Alaska From: Artist - Anchorage Alaska

“Hook, Line, Sync - This song reminds me the most of Bill Bruford's solo career with a little early Rush.”

TopQuarkMusic - TopQuarkMusic

“You Move Me - This song just flat out rocks! I freaking love the vocal style..this reminds me of a hard Peter Gabriel feel (Im a huge fan of PG) This song has the emotional connection. I can listen to this song over and over...the break kicks ass! "We kick the drum and clap the hands"....”

TopQuarkMusic - TopQuarkMusic

“Block By Block - This one for sure points to a King Crimson influence..I hate this song only because every time i listen to it I end up walking around singing it in my head for hours afterwards..lol (Maybe thats a good thing)..”

TopQuarkMusic - TopQuarkMusic

“This is bad-Ass! ”

TopQuarkMusic - TopQuarkMusic

“The future of music is hear!”

the future - PLM

“ Sounds great! =:-) ”

From: Artist - Systema Synthetica - From: Artist - Systema Synthetica

“ Cool music ”

- Space Time - - Space Time

“Block by Block.... Love the beat and guitar work. nice. Nov 03”


“Nice job Phillip! Jan 21”

Reaching Ground: - Reaching Ground:

“I love the synth sounds. great job.”

tony - Tb.