Octahedron / Press

"Shimmering with delicate softness while still maintaining power and strength, Octahedron’s songstress coexists with the tight, indie pop compositions."

"Headliners Octahedron have a lot to look forward to after placing second in the Texas Unsigned Artists Competition and placing third in the Current's Music Awards for best Indie Rock Band. Formed in 2013, Octahedron and their winning brand of optimistic indie can only bloom from here."

"Octahedron proves to be as cool as the music they make. With male/female harmonies, virtuoso keyboards, and thought-provoking lyrics in the equation, the right answer is inevitable."

Matt Stieb - Current

"As finalists in the San Antonio Music Awards 2014 for best keyboardist and indie band, Octahedron have proved themselves to the local music community and beyond."

"A band that truly caught our attention was a San Antonio-based band called, Octahedron. Even though this was their first festival, you would never see it by their stage presence and interaction with the audience. Being new to the festival scene, Lead Vocalist Elena Lopez couldn’t help but marvel of how 'Welcoming' Oaktopia has been to them, while guitarist Austin Jimison remarked at how 'receptive everyone has been' and the 'environment was amazing.' Octahedron’s sweet melodic melodies and depth of verse really drew in the crowds and carried us through the evening. Even though they have been together only a year, one could easily mistake their style and stage confidence for a much more seasoned band."

"December -- I love the bright, echoey guitar atop somber piano in this song. Another independent music act that I would describe as introspective ("save me from my own head"--what a great line) and I love every second of this song."

"These guys are the music of tomorrow...they will be a force to be reckoned with."

"Octahedron are not as geometrically predictable as their chosen name implied, with soaring and soaring post rock littering their sound. Fronted by the sensational Elena Lopez, the quartet “make music to make life better”, and their talent certainly acts as a comfort blanket to those who tune in. A self-proclaimed live band, they can be found strumming the streets and rocking the venues of their hometown San Antonio, Texas."

"I love the soulful, achy piano with the sparse guitar. This song has a personality from the opening lines and the passion of the artists leaps through the speakers. The guitar crescendo in the beginning is sudden and somewhat unexpected. The vocalist creeps in just like the guitar and the song builds again from there like a delicate tango. This song is stunning in it's arrangement. It takes real talent to pull of this style of music because you run the risk of putting your audience to sleep. In this instance, you have captured angst in a bottle and transmuted it into this crying guitar and the voice of this powerfully sad woman. Stunning. Perfect. Complete."

ReverbNation Review of "The End Game"

"There is a haunting, beautiful piano blend here that mixes in flawlessly with the paced strums of a solo guitar. And when the guitar begins to take over, and drums join percussion to the mix, it is a heavenly chorus of instrumentals. This is a great production. By the time the vocals join themselves to the mix there is a raw, building energy to the song, and the lyrics are delivered with a voice that knows music; her voice surges with the energy of her instruments, not lost within them, nor overpowering them. A perfect blend. I think it has serious potential on the radio scene, and will reverberate in people's heads, set them tapping their feet, long after the song has ended. Beautiful in every area."

ReverbNation Review of "The End Game"

“Such a haunting introduction. I love the piano. The guitar lends a touch of rock opera to this song...Amazing vocal range. I was very impressed. The structure of the song was fresh and familiar. People are going to love this. The tempo was consistent and strong. The skill level of the musicians was incredible. They really brought this song to life. If you can bottle up all this energy and get it to come across in the studio you are going to have something very special and unique. The choice of instrumentation was great and I loved that it remained consistent until the end. Very well done...Keep at it and get these guys in the studio! They are worth investing in! At least, in my opinion!! I hope to hear more! Well done! They are going to be quite marketable and will have a dedicated and faithful audience! Myself, included!”