Ockum's Razor / Press

“We don't know if Ockum's Razor should be classified as hard rock, metal-lite, grunge or what, but we do know that the band slices open a vein of good tunes. The group lives up to its obvious Tool and Alice in Chains influences no matter if it's thrashing in your face, getting moody with keyboards or setting off your spider-sense with dangerous-sounding bass. With sleepy ballads and in-your-face rockers, there's no ear that Ockum's Razor will fail to pierce.”

“Listening to 'Decapitated Society' brings to mind the classic musical stylings of Tool, Pantera, Rage Against the Machine and even System of a Down. Teach Me How To Learn has the style of Tool and Dawn of Man is a mixture of haunting piano and synth which then leads effortlessly into the next song Nebula, which really shows the diversity of each member while still gelling together to create an anthem, the likes of which we haven't heard since Rage's "Wake up". The White Horse And Its Rider is reminiscent of System's Toxicity album and is really enjoyable. Smooth As Eggs features a trumpet and bongos and is so diverse it caters to everyone's tastes. Finally, Manimal begins with a Spanish style guitar alongside smooth vocals which transcends into Metal and back again . Six of the eight songs are excellent. The mixture of styles is a pleasure to listen to and this reviewer is now a fan for life.”

“After listening to the new CD “Decapitated Society”, I was completely impressed. Both with the individual ability of the members, as well as the writing and presentation. I liked the way the songs build into each other and play out like an old school album. Their style and sound is very current and has depth and integrity. This is certainly a “Must Listen” record. I highly recommend this band! \m/\m/”

“If you dig intense melodic metal, this is your band! Excerpt from (Bands To Watch In 2012) article.”

““A New Thing” This is a strong and well structured song, with an incredible force line and excellent bass , the strong beat and guitars goes hand by hand with the vocals and the excellent performance of the singers, this song keep the listener always expecting more, this group reflect the high quality and musical talent they posses on every one of their songs, in my opinion “A New Thing” and any other song of Ockum’s Razor will be a great addition to your music library.”

“Ockum’s Razor is a St. Louis local hard rock/metal band featuring great vocals, hard rhythms, and some great guitar and bass work. They just released a new EP, which reminds me of a mix between Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Tool. They’re a great band with an interesting message.”

“Our screening team heard aspects of these well-known artists in the "Pusher" EP release: Alice In Chains, Faith No More, Incubus, Sevendust and Tool. The music has rousing energy and interesting rhythmic playing that is tight and clean.”

“The first song I heard from Ockum’s Razor was “Pusher”. Immediately intrigued with the sound, I knew I was listening to something I would be into for quite a while. As I kept listening, this song went back and forth from early 90’s rock to completely modern hard core. Personally, I thought this song was written and put together extremely well. The second song I listened to was their song “New Thing”. This song has quickly become one of my personal favorites. There is such a vast array of genres of music in this song. The song goes back and forth from old school rock to heavy, heavy metal. I was especially impressed with the vocals of this song. Overall, Ockum’s Razor has a talent that is impeccable. In their music you can hear the different styles of music from each member of the band. All put together, they complement each other very nicely. Started in 2002 out of Saint Louis Missouri, Ockum’s Razor will be around for quite a while; at least I hope so.”

“The song writing on Pusher, for me, is the high point of the record. The songs maintain the typical Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus format that we all know and love, but Ockum’s Razor also implements some tempo changes and moments of pure chaos which add to the songs and give them replay value.”

“The track Two Thieves is based on part of the story of Christ’s crucifixion where He is between two thieves, one repentant and one challenging His power, it shines a spotlight on the soul with the lyrics, “On this earth you’ll claim to be one of these two. Tell me, which one are you?” The title song, Pusher, is a provocative, heavy piece who’s originating theme was inspired by, of all things, an X-Files episode where a character had the power to ‘push’ people to commit certain acts. With heavy riffs and catchy hooks, this song is sure to get stuck in your head. If you like heavy rock that is still melody-driven and thought provoking, you should give them a listen. A strength of this band is that the singer has a distinctive voice. While the music world is filled with ‘good’ voices, it often lacks voices that are immediately and indisputably identifiable.”

“A challenged filled journey to become the band they are today led to the much anticipated release of Ockum’s Razor’s new EP, “Pusher.” The band, is a Saint Louis based rock band influenced by groups like Sevendust, Tool, and Alice In Chains. The band comes together to find their music and sound from a more collective, inner, and personal source. Their genres range anywhere from acoustic to metal. This versatility makes for a fantastic rock band.”

“The Great Big Wheel stands out as one of the most sophisticated, yet well put together, songs around today. The vocals are world-class and flow into your mind. Ockum's Razor wrote and recorded a song that stands alone and it reaches past boundaries most artists haven't even thought about. We say it's a musical masterpiece!"”

“Davis has an impressive voice with some power behind it”

“In a day and age where so much music all sounds the same and musical artists fit all nicey nice in their cookie cutter mold, Ockum's Razor breaks the mold with their acoustical sound that has some deep hidden force behind it. The guitar playing is beautiful, the singing is like little male angels and the lyrics really take you away like a fine hot bubble bath. So when people are damning me to hell I tell them STFU and listen to Ockums Razor. Then they come back and thank me...”

“There are bands who crumble before adversity without fight or thought, who seldom see that success often lies through the simplicity of shaving the problem at hand of unnecessary troubles, regardless of its magnitude. Ockum's Razor is not one of those bands. Their name alone stems from the principle of shaving unnecessary assumptions and entities from a theory or problem to produce the simplest explanation or answer, Occam's Razor. If not for their ability to strip adversity of all its threat and worry, this powerful foursome wouldn't be where they are today in the Saint Louis music scene.”

"Ockum's Razor plays rock along the lines of Alice In Chains."

"Ockum's Razor is a hard-rocking band that originated in 2002."

“Ockum's Razor is a hard-rock band that knows no boundaries. While other bands might have given up when they find themselves without a rhythm section, with members coming and going and tensions running high; Ockum's Razor decided to change their musical direction and make the most of what was left of the band. Whether you are looking for a hard-rocking night of music or a slower acoustic tempo, Ockum's Razor has it all and is only starting to tap into their diverse musical capabilities. ”