Oceanside Sound System / Press

“History Oceanside Sound System is a tattooed ska-punk band fronted by singer Skillet, of Wanted Dead. As of 2011, other members include guitarist Ben Blessing (Irieside), bassist Aaron KNUCKLES Peterson (Wanted Dead & Stone Senses), drummer Sid Hilarides aka Syrup/sid sloth, keyboardist Kelly Dunn, saxophonist Joshua Donahue and on guitar (Stone Senses) Garrett G, In 2009, members of North County bands Wanted Dead and Irieside came together to form Sound System. Wanted Dead is a hardcore street-punk band known for their wild stage presence, anti-authority anthems, and raucous fans. Irieside inspires more of a good-time vibe, playing reggae, rock, and hip-hop.”

“After Pacific Dub got the fans warmed up, Oceanside Sound System hopped on stage and rocked the crowd with their high energy, ska infused sound. The San Diego based band came together in 2009 to bring Southern California "a taste of high-octane, tattooed rock/ska." The gritty punk vocals of lead singer, Skillet, coupled with the reggae rifts of lead guitarist, Ben, produced a pairing that made both punk fans and reggae fans proud. OSS truly got down. With their punk rock attitude accompanied by their sweet, skankable saxophone notes, there wasn't a fan in the crowd standing still. Shortly after Oceanside finished getting the crowd all riled up, Pepper took the stage; and the screams could be heard even before the curtains finished opening.”

“The middle act featured an unusual combination of Ska, Punk Rock, and Reggae that meshed seamlessly for a unique sound straight out of O’ side. Oceanside Sound System lit the house up with lead singer Skillet and his 8 piece band who merged from other North County bands Irieside and Wanted Dead. O.S.S. delivered a ton of rambunctious fun as people were mashing it up on the floor, spilling drinks and getting down to the eclectic sounds.”

“If I had to describe your show in two words it would be, "fucking crazy!"  I was blown away with the amount of energy you bring, and I still can't believe homie launched himself off the balcony!  You guys straight killed it.  Keep it up”


“This was the second time to see O.S.S (Oceanside Sound System). Stunned from the first show. Still In disbelief of the high-octane, full throttle blend of bomb Reggae & Southern California SKA. Imagine a little Roots Rock Reggae meets Red Bull & GreyGoose. The positive vibe of the reggae mixed with the OSS rock style brings life to the show. This band delivers when others can’t live up to the hype. If you see O.S.S in the line up, GO! You won’t be disappointed.”