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“The masterful debut album Hidden From The World from Chicago, IL based progressive metal band Oceanborn is an epic story told with heavy melodic grace amid many moments of heartfelt beauty and power. Easily one of the best albums of 2013!”

“Chicago based Oceanborn are a very interesting new progressive metal band. They draw influences from a variety of styles. You can hear Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, Katatonia, and Dream Theater in their musicial DNA. Vocals are all clean and most definitely angst driven. Entwined with the progressive elements is a melodic, almost pop quality that creeps into the fray only to be beaten down by crushing riffs. Somewhat of a tough album to describe but something really cool going on here. Highly recommended.”

“Hidden From The World is a dynamic album that boasts a wide range of progressive elements including a jazz infusion that gives the album great balance especially for an album that just falls short of an hour. Overall, a very strong start out the gate for Oceanborn.”

““Hidden From The World” Pulls It Off With A Melodic And Epic Style!”

““Hidden From The World” Powerfully Charged and Melodic!”

"Hidden From The World" The Perfect Merge of Symphonic Melody and Blistering Guitar Hooks

“Oceanborn makes their attempt at their own version of progressive metal seem effortless. Eerily dark and beautiful are the words that come to mind when listening to “Hidden From the World,” Oceanborn’s latest full-length effort (released September 24th, 2013). Obviously drawing inspiration from genres other than metal such as jazz and classical, the band creates a unique musical experience that all fans of music, whether they be metal enthusiasts or not, will thoroughly enjoy.”

“All in all Hidden From The World is a mammoth album from a band that have a promising future ahead of them. Make sure to remember the name Oceanborn as they are destined to become a household name within the metal community.”

"These gentlemen are true musicians in the truest sense of the word."