Obsidian Tongue / Press

"These dudes are eerie and ritualistic and I love them."

Gun Shy Assassin

"There are tons of ideas I get along when I hear this. Everything from Mundanus Empire, old Ulver, loads of other Scandinavian sources of inspiration is what I get pulled out from the plate."


"...features some of the most invigorating musical change ups I’ve ever heard in a black metal band, running the gamut from Agalloch to Burzum to Craft to Fall of the Bastards in the blink of an eye! "...fans of cold, chilly American blackness should ante up and make the purchase on this one…it’s as good as it gets to my ears, with superior riffing, an organic band structure, and stellar writing all across the board! "

Hellride Music

"Volume I: Subradiant Architecture is one of those rare records that was able to gain my attention directly with the first note I heard, makes my heart beat faster and gives me this certain powerful feeling only the best records are able to. "

Cvlt Nation

"For a 2 piece, it was amazingly rich music. A lot of it reminded me of wolves in the throne room and/or immortal."

"Obsidian Tongue makes killer atmospheric/​minimalist black metal…and they make it look effort­less. Brian killed on drums, and Brendan on vocals/​guitar had an impres­sive rack of pedals laid out before him onstage."

"The atmosphere of the music is very dark and desolate sounding. To convey such powerful emotions and mood is impressive enough; it is doubly so when one considers the band has no bassist."

"...this duo put up a cool set of highly atmospheric black metal that in its spaces and stylings verged on the dare-we-say it "Cascadian". :eyeroll: The sound still came raw as well as hypnotizing, though, and combined to cool effect, especially from just guitar and drums."

"In my opinion Obsidian Tongue are a very good and dark sounding black metal band that has an original sound, and if you are looking for a black metal band that is doing something different, you should check out this band."