Obscurcis Romancia / Press

“The technical skills of Obscurcis Romancia musicians are now at a very high level and the band has nothing to “fear” if compared to the big names of the genre. Overall “Theatre of Deception” is a first class symphonic black metal album that will satisfy even the most skeptic fans of the genre. 8.5/10”

“Holy Tap-Dancing-Christ!! This album hit me like a ton of bricks.”

“This cd is an easy one to leave on repeat... Its worth a purchase.”

“The melodie are beautiful even if there's a couple of vicious blast beat! Pain, sadness & sorrows are the 3 words that could describe the felling I got when I listened to this album. Turn down the lights and feel the pain....”

Patrick - The Darkest Hour - Canada

“six chansons imprégnées d'une atmosphère lugubre renforcée par les grincements aigus et répétitifs du chanteur... Mention aux textes, majoritairement en français, et très bien écrits.”

Christine Fortier - Journal VOIR - Canada

“Packed with and overwhelming amount of speed brutality, soft melodies, and dark feelings... A must.”

“La puissance y est, l'agressivité se fait ressentir au bon moment et les passages plus lourds mélodiques ou atmosphériques auront le don de savoir vous transporter dans un univers étrange et prenant.”

“Just when you think, you’ve got their style understood, Obscurcis Romancia change its musical standard and deliver a grimmer old school touch. sound energetic, powerful and still catchy. A must for all the lunatics of the melodic side of black metal.”

Pull The Chain - Pull The Chain - Belgium

“une alliance black et symphonique qui se veut diablement réussie!”

“I ended up liking this aspect of romance's dark dimension”

“a very energetic group of talented musicians”

“Awesome symphonic black metal band. For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Tvangeste, Limbonic Art, Vesperian Sorrow, you'll love this band. It has a very carnival kind of feel to it”