Obscura / Press

"this band represents the tech-death equivalent of the Übermensch, and Cosmogenesis is the sound of death metal virtuosity transcending itself" 4.5/5


“Retribution is a perfect union of jaw-dropping technicality and creativity.”


“this shit is mandatory.”


“Cosmogenesis might be the first true follow-up to Death’s legendary Human opus.”

Metal Maniacs

“This band is amazing….like The Black Dahlia Murder on acid meeting Cryptopsy’s Whisper Supremacy for a genetic experiment.”

Chris Arp of PSYOPUS

“Cosmogenesis will likely remain relevant well past its release.”


“Drummer Hannes Grossmann & Obscura have filled any void you might have had in your search for truly intelligent & intense metal! It's almost unreal!”

Sick Drummer Magazine

“Obscura's unabashed taste for combining melody with progressive death and fusion influences puts a fresh twist on a notoriously dogmatic genre.”

Broward Palm Beach New Times

“If you love ridiculously tight Atheist-style riffing, melodic sweep-picking solos, fusion breakdowns and fretless bassists that refuse to settle for a supporting role, Cosmogenesis became your favorite album of 2009 before you ever heard it.”

Prefix Mag