Oblivious Signal / Press

“What I like the most about this band, Oblivious Signal is their lead singer and lyricist Cristina T. Feliciano because she's got that incredible power rock voice with all the subtleties and reserves once found in other feamle rock icons such as Benatar, Jett and of course the Wilson sisters of Heart, yet she's got her own thing definitely going on. Such elements in times when most everyone is either leaning to neo-retro disco power-pop with overprocessed vocals a la Roboto! But not Feliciano. This girl can sing and the band knows how to play so well that no one is trying to bury her in the guitars. They're a great team and their songs are very well written, with nice exchanges from the rhythms and melodies. They also use a great weapon that few bands have mastered and that is dynamics where the music draws you in and makes you listen closely - and then as you're leaning in to get intimate with the music, they go for the sonic kill!”

“Female fronted melodious metal band just released their first video, Inflicted Shame, from the Into The Night album. Inflicted Shame tells a dark story that too many can identify with. True to their style of offering songs that mirror real life, Oblivious Signal’s Cristina T Feliciano walks you through a journey of erasing memories.. or at least erasing those responsible for the bad ones.”

“Florida based Melodic Metal band Oblivious Signal recently released their new video for the song “The Inflicted Shame.” Check out the video below as well as a sneak peak behind the scenes with the band’s guitarist Nick Orisino and vocalist Cristina T. Feliciano.”

“Great new band appearing in DGT for the first time, Oblivious Signal shows us what teamwork is all about while being in a rock band. Singer Cristina T. Feliciano writes all the lyrics for the songs she sings and the rest of the guys build great foundations, thunderous rhythms and counterpoint melodies interveaving with Feliciano’s 21st Century power-pop diva-worthy deliveries.”

“Their strong sense of melody and lyrical storytelling, metal roots and international inspirations have led Oblivious Signal to where they are now: A group on the edge of just about anything. ”

“With line up changes that include an internationally touring Austrian drummer, and the addition of an infamous new manager, Florida’s female fronted melodious metal band Oblivious Signal is exploring new territory and expanding their reach.”


“Lyrics opening the follow-up release to Oblivious Signal's 2008 debut cry out, “Drink away the sorrows inside” and continue into the chorus, “for your actions you will suffer the inflicted shame.” The guitar riff tempers the double-bass drumming and allow the vocals to soar. The title track, “Into the Night” also begins with a melodically tight guitar riff and bursts into the echoed vocals of Feliciano. She ties this band together with her range and genuine attitude.”

“The ten tracks tell a story of overcoming, and the feelings that come with both the battle and the victory. Each step of the way sultry front woman Cristina T. Feliciano gently urges us through the pain of things we may not identify with, but feel so real at that moment that we think we do.”

“Making a name for themselves quickly, Florida-based rock/metal band Oblivious Signal have played such notable shows as the 2009 Rock the Planet Festival at Revolution Live, Florida Power Metal Fest, Femme Fest, regional Hot Topic In-Store Performances, and headlining Hollywood’s The Viper Room.”

"The reason I have passion for that band is because Cristina has one of the best voices I've heard in the genre of rock and metal. And she has, the fact that she has, there's very few good, active female singers. I think this girl has excellent potential . They are great live, have a ton of energy live. She is great fronting the band. It's very hard to find someone like Cristina."

“A powerhouse of vocals backed by screaming guitar riffs and distinct drum beats. Lyrically this band is ahead of the competition and Cristina’s vocals are weaved effortlessly around the melodies and blended fluently in harmony.”

“With swirling jam excursions and beefy power chords, you can actually feel the emotion.”