““OBLIVION…features some gut wrenching tracks in ‘Inflictor of Pain’ (with its doom laden intro).””

Bernard Doe - Metal Forces

““The chorus to ‘Germ Warfare’ is bloody amazing, I thought Slayer were the only group with the likes of this one – obviously not!””

Paul Campbell - AAAAAARRGHH!!

““They show vast amounts of versatility, the whole of it being creative thrash deeply rooted in hardcore/mosh riffs...good writing style.””

John Krauss - Speedzine

““They have a strong musical ability and are extremely tight…the songs are MEMORABLE…this is a slay-fest."”

Ray - Metal Curse

““The music is killer old school thrash which I love. Thrash with a touch of old school hardcore, it was a pleasant surprise to get this in the mail.””

““Remixed is a sheer thrash metal album, a real masterpiece, there is no doubt about it.””

Greycoat - Metal Centre

““The songs are well written and punch you out with fast drums and superb guitar lickin.’””

J-Sin - Smother Magazine

““This is a great metal CD! They know how to play their instruments and do a good job of mixing melodic thrash, death metal and a touch of hardcore punk for a bit of the crossover style.””

Ben - Metalpedia