Oak Is Keeping / Press

“From "Sink", to the thunderous drumming of "What We Live", the recording sways back and forth between lilty stoner rock and the natural evolution of Alice in Chains.”

“With fuzzed out guitars, catchy riffs, and the get stuck in your head lyrics, they have the perfect sound for an end of summer road trip or party.”

“This past April (2009), the band dropped Animal Style, an impressive collection of pummeling rock songs, chock-full of irresistible melodies, layered vocals, and standout guitar wizardry.”

“Rock is best enjoyed when it is heavy enough to make your heart race, but light enough to still be conceivable – Oak is Keeping straddles this line perfectly.”

“Delivery may be one of the most admirable qualities of the record. Almost every track sticks with the solid forms of traditional alternative rock but each guitar riff is set with a unique quality.”

"One local band, Oak is Keeping, is carrying the torch for what some would now call radio rock. Their mix of modern rock hallmarks along with classic rock and blues influences sounds fresh and would be at home on stations such as 101X and KLBJ." -Ana Wolken (INsite Magazine)

“The ultimate Truth is that this is one of those bands you want to keep on your radar, because it rocks.”

"Oak is Keeping is like Cream conducting the marriage between Spoon and Queens of the Stone Age."