Nya Jade / Press

"Nya Jade illustrates, through her new EP, Loveday, that she is a fan of country music — especially honoring the classic sounds, as well as bluegrass, folk, and other like alternatives of the genre. Taking her fandom and love for country music and coupling it with her talent (talent which has previously resulted in critical acclaim for her refreshing blends of rock, soul, and pop elements), Nya releases a project that any true blue country fan would enjoy."

“Superb Songstress!”


"Souful Emotional Music"

John Schaefer, Sound Check, NPR

"Young female troubadours worth keeping your eyes, and ears, on!"


“[Nya's] cool singing recalls Sade...[she’s] in the running as the latest voice of multicultural bohemian self-empowerment.”

Ann Powers - LA TIMES