“Nuxvomica is Metal.....I've been taking for repeated spins.”

“The melodic interludes of Metallica and Maiden...the power and aggression of Pantera and Slayer...the grit, humor, and sarcasm of Megadeth and Anthrax ...the production value of four guys in a wood shed with ball peen hammers and tin cans !!!”

" if you like aggressive yet discernible lyrics that weave a story, breakdowns that batter , grooves that grind , tempo changes,and a sense of humor and sarcasm in your metal ...Nuxvomica has your back "

steelstoned - metalmadness fanzine

" fucking sick vocals...better than most thrash vocals out there..."

" brilliant !!! ....downloading this one !!"

“: " pretty f*cking awsome guys \,,/ ! ! ! ! "”

" sick breakdown.....nice solo reminds me of megadeth"

"good riffs , i like it !! "

“Nuxvomica brings old school fun n sarcasm in a pantera meets metallica in a dark twisted alley... ”