Nutz / Press

“toe for toe, blow for blow shes not playing, whereva she go i bet you shes not paying... you think shes glaying but truth is shes laying, she sits on her purse if you know what im sayin, scars on her back nah not from dove wings, ya you got it right my bru she loves things, she always in the club different crews partying hard, she doesnt find it odd that she doesnt have a job but i know, one or two of you is gonna meet up by the park after dark pants down feet up, dont be a snaai guzi open up your eyes get a monkey on your back while u chasing dem thighs”


“these hoes they like a show man, to walk around and hold hands, her lifestyle got no plans for crown she give a slow dance, i never did like slow jams so i give no damns, get with the program,before you saying oh DAMN”

NUTZ - these hoes

“my music is fly im about to take off, you can pull mask ima take your face off ! you can hate on ima shake the hate off see nothin is hard with God he can make soft...”

Nutz - One

“thats the sound of the police, i call them the devils thats the sound of the beast! gangsters with badges, why they so evil, pullin out their pipes and blasting the wrong people”

Nutz - The Police

“hot all the time,summer after summer, so if you see the police please warner brother, its the norm here,the mental if you born here is eat or get eaten people look like pop corn here”

Nutz - The Police

“work is what you put in, i bend it like im beckham ,the proof is in the pudding and you coming back for seconds...recognise! this is the squad son grab the microphone and go illmatic...Godson”

Nutz - lets stay together

“im the, niteshifter microphone gripper, Xman flow, call it the shape shifter, get with your sister all i do is whisper....shes hot, but ima de-mist her”

nutz - lets stay together

"i cant fight the feeling, wheeling and dealing, they say lifes a bitch im just tryna put my peel in"

nutz - Nutz ft Jet Wentworth and Miss B - Fight the Feeling