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"Nuse are a metal/rock 3-piece from New Jersey that pay homage to their influences (Metallica, Slayer, RATM, Clutch, etc) with a tightly executed groove-focused sound. There are hardcore elements in the vocals and lyrics, sounding closest to Slayer, but the main point is that the band sound like they’re having a lot of fun..."

"...they don’t write hardcore metal like this anymore! The band still has that old school metal vibe that I loved listening to growing up, but their sound can still fit in with that modern local metal sound that we’re surrounded by today. It’s evident in songs like “Free Tattoos,” “Shine Box,” and “C8h18” off of their most recent CD, All American Beat Down."

“With several eps released, selling in many countries around the world and opening for many top name acts, such as Clutch, Overkill, Biohazzard, The Misfits, Pro-Pain and Entombed just to name a few, it's a wonder that a major label had not picked these guys up sooner. If so they would be a household name by now. Nuse are a metal/hardcore band from the heart of New Jersey. There are many catchy, fast and furious songs throughout the disk. " Blue Fish, Smoke, Story Of Jed" are just a couple. They say that this will appeal to fans of Slayer, Biohazzard, Pro-Pain, Madball, M.O.D., Anthrax and S.O.D. This is A very true statement. Better put, Nuse sound pretty much like M.O.D. or S.O.D. So if you're into either of these two bands, you're going to really dig this album. Hopefully their partnership with No Joke Records is for the good of the band and you get a chance to have Nuse Tour in your neck of the woods. You've really got to check these guys out. ”

“Editorial Reviews Review Got mine today... may I offer the review of awesome!!! --Nancy Smith on Nuse Facebook Wall 6/1/12 this cd is awesome I love it... just like keep playing it over and over !!!! --Joanne Jarusewski-Pastorick on Nuse Facebook Wall 5/24/12 Got the CD today, listened to it 3 times on the trip from VA! --Kurt Nowak on Nuse Facebook Wall 5/26/12”

“Absolutely Best To Date! Best guitar riffs, bass lines and what I consider to be the meanest drumming around.”

Rev. Bryan - iTunes Nuse - All American Beat Down Review