nupachino / Press

“ Killer tracks nupachino! real clever and talented are you my friend! ”

TE Fireoved

“Heyy! very nice music! a lot of diversity! We havent hear something like thiss! Congratsss! =D”

Bonnard´s Blues Band

"notre mére la terre/Mother Earth/"

Marie Djezar-levallois

“Dear Nupachino "Mother Earth Strike Back" Excellent song! It encapsulates the feeling of Mother Nature's revenge perfectly! Keep it up! Sincerely John Spalding”

Celloman's compositional force

“Dear nupachino Great track and great video! Keep it up! Sincerely ”

John Spalding (the collaborator and composer)

"Angkor Wat" was a truly inspiring movement! Such a unique and creative blend of sounds and styles, you have a great vision. I was immediately whistling the melody. All the best wishes to our new friend! Rock on!

Blakgraz/ Mount Laurel USA

“Put Vdo "Enemie of Christ" in to myspace, youtube, facebook, orkut, etc, so that people can watch the great work done by you i personally feel that u have done a great job on this track which is featured on our album "union zaka"”

Mastermynd/Goa India

“I like your guitar tone bro. Any chance that you might be travelling to Malaysia or singapore ?”

Bernard Michel / Facebook

“Hi Nupachino, excellent music here and video, just watched the vid Angkor Wat, really enjoyed and keep doing what your doing to save the poor elephants, well done peace, love'n success”

Cesli Vane

“Wow, Listening to Angkor Wat. I love to changes. Takes ya back then brings ya back. Wow.”

Sir Hick / Portland,OR,US



“I'm happy to be friends with such a fantastic guitarman.”

Jack Bullfrog/DJ/Rock/Jzz

“Thanks for the comment , your stuff is great !!!!!!!! I love the fusion of traditional sounds with the rock thing as well. Keep it up !!!! Stuff sounds great , very progressive. Tasteful guitar playing as well which was nice ”

Dave / myspace

“ Hello there~ I watched the your amazing video on Shannons page, thank you so much for all of your efforts to save the elepahnts, what an angel you are”

Julikin/California USA

“I love "Angkor Wat"! I like this style alot as well. I waited for the guitar solo & was not disappointed! Nice, tasteful Strat-work. I'll be back for more!”

Stan Kebel/Miami

“I see you are still number 1.I was just checking the chart. Great song and artist. Beautiful music with so much passion.”

Mary Divine Glenwood Springs CO USA

“How beautiful your music is....Just wanted to drop in and wish you a wonderful week, its been quite some time since I last sent you a comment! be well dear friend, and many blessings to you Always, kelly”


“ Hey Nupachino. Thats right what you said about music! I love your "wonderful" music ;)”

Ivan Holst/myspace

“Angkor wat-such an awesome tune/work Nupachino!! keep shining mate love&peace ”


“I'm very glad, thank you!! Best greetings from Italy Nikla”


“I am at breakfast now and listen to your wonderful songs. And I remember the wonderful vacations I enjoyed in Thailand. Wish you a successful weekend. All the best your friend”

Egmont /myspace

“Yessssssss...all We need is... Friendship... Congratulations...a very Good Sound.. We Love it... Best Regards: By:3DProdCarrajola,Lda..”


"Congratulations!!! You are GREAT! I m happy to hear that good news!"


“Hope you have a loving, peaceful fun weekend..God Bless you always...Hugs Gigi”

Gigi/best friend

“Hello, Thanks my friend ,the pleasure is mine to be your friend...love your music :) I hope you have a beautiful weekend full of music.. Kiss from PORTUGAL Your friend ”

Ilda Gomes/Portugal

“Nupachino I would love to work with you. You and your music is very special and I am sure it inspires people in many ways we can not see! Keep doing what you are doing or you will let down the people you are destined to inspire from their hearts! Sincerely, ”

Zhen of "Alice En Wondermount"

“Many Blessings upon your weekend and shout at me bro. I Love your music. It has Healing Power. All my Respect yer friend CHOLEY”



Shannon McCloud/my best supporter

“SO SAD SAD SAD Nupachino. Made me cry all day. Blessings to the wonderFULL work and compassion you do & create”

Shannon McCloud/my best supporter

“I listened to your muisic attentively ya full with idea this splendid felistation maestro”


“Hi Nupachino, thank you so much!! I am happy to add you as a friend, I like your music! Blessings ”


“Maestro I like to make well this works with you….”


“Chan Rug Khun”

Mary Divine Glenwood Springs CO USA

“Awesome tunes...great sound. Have a rockin day. Huggles Angel”


“ Beautiful is your music friend ! a big up to you for your award ...you are the number one !!!”

Olivier Marchand/facebook

“My love Nupap I miss you but your songs makes me feel like you are with me Your Love”

Mary Divine Glenwood Springs CO USA

“I got the Bangkok list of songs and I see you are number one !!!!!wow---I just needed to change location out of USA to Thailand and then I save it so everytime I log in I am in Bangkok listings.I JUST LOVE SEEING YOU AT #1 LOVE Mary”

Mary Divine Glenwood Springs CO USA

“WOW! your music really got me bewitched”


"Angkor Wat" is very intriguing to me. Hauntingly and mysteriously melodic with an ethnic style followed by an awesome change up creating tension, great guitarwork, You are a very talented and creative songwriter. Unique!!! I really am diggin' Angkor Wat to the utmost extreme!!!

DD /Reverbnation Top Friends

“What absolutely beautiful music you have here. I love "So Far So Close" Fantastic vocals, gorgeous melody, great instrumentation, wonderful production. I love the modulation near the end which gives the song the final lift to take flight.”

DD /Reverbnation

“...and "Angor Wat" is quite a journey of alternating East and West spaces...beautiful! Unusual vocals and fantastic guitar... Antonio”

Antonio/Don Gato

“Hi Nupachino, thanks a lot!I like your music very much. Great tunes and sound! Best wishes Karlheinz”

Karlheinz/Myspace friend

“Hey man, great man, we really like your groovie and cool sound yeahhhh greetings from austria by the LAZY DIAMONDS --> the coolest band on the planet”


“It would be n honour to play with U my friend:”

Jo-e-z /Florida

“Dear Nupachino, good music for ever ..”

Kioketen/myspace friends

“Muito obrigado Mr. Nupachino! The last elefant é maravilhosa!!! E as outras tambem. Gostamos muito do seu trabalho.”


“please send me some of your videosm and i will play it on television here in goa to promote your music”


“ANGOR WAT !! I love this Nupachino, for the depth, the wisdom, the expression of pain, passion and hope all in one. For the musical fusion and excellency. Respect, my friend. ”

Jane Maluka

“very beautiful music and sure Thailand must save the elephants ! Hopte to see you in Thailand in January”


“Great Music my dear friend Nupachino...Save The Elephants it's right. Peace and love by singer, songwriter and composer Alessandro Spina from Siracus.”


“Beutiful video Nupachino and beautiful music. Thanks and blessings for your beautiful heart and care to awareness and saving one of our most beautiful sacred animals on the Planet! SAVE THE ELEPHANTS! Love and Respects!”

Jane Maluka

“ Very cool sounding songs... ”

Adam Wakely

“ So far so close is one of the best songs i have heard in a long time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song. Best wishes Mark Stothard Classical/Film music Liverpool ”

Reverbnation friends comment

“Hi Nu! I posted your video (the last elephant) on my facebook profile!”

Filippo Martin

“Hi Napuchino, Thanks for the nice comment. and thanks for frienship. Great vibe and music on your page. Peace and all the best, John”

myspace friends comments

“Peace be with you always Nupachino.”


“Nice to meet you :) Very relaxing music! ~Iwo”

myspace friends comments

“GREAT MUSICIAN YOU ARE ! really love your music universe....and nature care too.thanks for Add. friendship from france, bernard”


“Hope to get together and play music soon! Best wishes. YO”

Sitar Yo

“ An excellent blend of modern and traditional You really make that Little Lanilei sing !!! :-)”

“Nupachino & Friends : Escape from Bangkok is the new album of Nupap Sawantracha.Nupap Sawantracha is a guitarist that play with his imaginative ideas.Escape from Bangkok is concept album telling Thai people Living and Manys thing about Bangkok "The Capital of Thailand"”