Nuke Vegas / Press

“This week we have the Radioactive Rock of Nuke Vegas. However, for all you NV fans out there, these Northern Nevada boys treated us to their first (and maybe only) acoustic set. These ex-metalheads threw down with some unplugged style music – or at least as close as they and we get. Nuke Vegas is James Kelly (vox), Ben Renken (git), D (bass), Jesse Rollins (drums) and Charles Untereiner (git) and they pretty much rip. You don’t want to miss them in action on May 25th at Davidson’s Distillery. We had a great time with them (like I’m gonna say they were a bunch of redneck assholes…, really I’m a pro!) in the studio, despite the tech difficulties that delayed the start of the show by almost 2 hours….”

“The band members say that the “radioactive rock” term is also a play on the band’s Nevada-centric name, which plays two things for which the state is well known, nuclear weapon testing and the city of sin, and casts them against one another. It also reflects many Northern Nevadans’ contempt for the state’s biggest city. ”