Nuke and the hellriders / Press

“by: Charlie J.J. Kruger Skanking, treble-heavy, noisy, TELEVISION or even Richard Hell style horror-punk. Its weird... its... FUN! There are tastes of the Misfits, but not the later period stuff, much more of the Walk Among Us popping punk vibe. Actually, the first time I listened to this album, I was suddenly struck with a longing for CBGBs and my old TELEVISION LPs. These guys are old school punk, not snotty Dead Boys style, not doom and gloom SAMHAIN style, not thrashy nasty SUICIDAL TENDENCIES style, but just old school new york post-NEW YORK DOLLS style punk 'n roll. The lyrics are a little less left field. Lots of bloody love and fractured pleasantries. It was cool to hear so many topics that we all consider part of the horror-punk world being handed in by a band that sounds straight out of 1977... and the album's production helped with that illusion. The whole thing has a warm old sound to it that pushes the 'lost relic of the 70's' vibe a little harder and farther!”