Nu'Dai / Press

“God has blessed me w/many talented & beautiful people in my life since I’ve moved to Los Angeles back in 1995. Singer/Songwriter Tanysha Goldsmith certainly is one of them. We’ve grown to be good friends over the past 6 years & after much trial, tribulation, I’m elated to see her finally realize her dreams despite it all!”

“With everything that she’s gone through in her life with drug addictions, abuse and personal anguish, independent artist Nu’Dai is ready to release her first EP, Imperfect. Not only does she plan on inspiring women with her struggles and triumphs, she also aspires to take the music world by storm with the fusion folk, pop and soul music as she tells her story. Nu’Dai’s ready to prove that she may have been down before, but now she’s up and ready to show why she’s imperfect, but perfectly made. ”

“Nu’Dai is an upcoming songwriter and singer who defines herself as “completely imperfect, but perfectly made.” She has a very optimistic attitude when it comes to life. She accepts her hard and battling past in order to perform a better and easier life for the future. She comes from a family of musicians and has all the credentials one needs in order to be successful.Check out our interview below. ”