nuclearsurfers / Press

“bahama Mama! Best improvisational sound1 Great!:-)”

Orange-1 - Orange-1

“Cheers peeps, we're all grooving to your sounds down-under.. Long Live R & R!”

Double Platinum Productions - Double Platinum Productions

“Raw-edged and Just go for it and jam! That is brilliant. A smart way to go!captures the moment of pure creative energy . Recording to an inexpensive analogue deck is all you need, and the proof is right here. Quality work!the creativity is well-illustrated! Kudos from a fellow artist. ”

Labal:Robo Tech the artist - Labal:Robo Tech the artist

“You are way talented Dan ! An 11 outta 10 ! Mar 02”

Tommy Cole - Tommy Cole

“Your music rocks!!!!! Castle Devine is the hit!!! All our best, Alcohol II Mar 01”

Alcohol II - Alcohol II

“ Good day fellow artist. I love the original flavor and the boldness of your sound. It is always a pleasure to discover a music maker who isn't afraid to be himself.. Bravo!!! ”

Bobby Kirl - Bobby Kirl

“want wild PURE IMPROV!! IT IS HERE! ALL SONGS MADE UP ON THE SPOT ,NOTHING was ever written down til' i remastered them 20 years latter!!”