“You never cared when I told you houw I felt Things quickly changed felt like I was left on the alter “What went wrong ,did I do something” I ask myself as thoughts of every bad thing I have done comes to mind. I wonder if I’m all I think about,or am I just another run about? Stop shaking your head I’m talking to you! Okay I’m sorry baby I sometimes get moody Is this all there is to us? Its over my head like my hoody Who do you think you are?! Making me fall for you and then change on me?? How did it get this far, only us two but now its a Winter Tree I can read all the signs but I still wanna believe the lies,the Rugby match is over but I still want to give it another Try I guis I’m a fool… Love is clouding my judgement ,I need advice am I the onlyone concerned about what we have? You never make an effort or is it me I’m such a flirt! No I don’t think so maybe your just inlove with someone else And I’m the hang around kid like your running a day care Its too late”