noyouyesme / Press

“performing live in myriad subgenres including experimental ambient, drum and bass, and twisted forms of dark downtempo. The night will host a collaborative performance between experimental live electronic artist and cellist SunFalls (Uxepi Ipexu) and Noyouyesme (Jason Cesarz), who specializes in circuit-bent beats and the kind of "modulation mutations" likely to send you through a wormhole.”

".Here's a report from Jan.13th's Incubator @ Someday Lounge by David Lamkins ..Lady Maria's drummer Jason Cesarz, performing as noyouyesme, opened with a set of experimental-electronic...I don't know much about this genre... "justjason" programs his own loops into dual Yamaha RM1X Sequencers and manipulates them live in real-time!!.... I found this very interesting,& I'd like to learn more about the process.... noyouyesme's set melted into The Celebrants as Mary Lamkins on bass and Will Snow on guitar joined justjason on stage, and he began to play his drums as well... I don't know what to call their music, but he definitely is noyouyesmeMusic!! You'd have to hear it and make your own interpretation. ..At any rate, I really liked both sets. The Celebrants material has taken on a new life with the addition of the drummer....justjason also added sounds from the RM1X setup during songs and transitions, which gave the set an added coherence, and texture.."