Now You See Them / Press

“Things Change in a Day is essentially a cleaned up studio version of their endlessly entertaining live show, and it perfectly captures the charisma, energy and quirky charm that is the essence of the band.”

“...a perfect summertime soundtrack for any of your lake side meanderings. Heavy acoustic strummings, intermingled with a yin & yan harmonizations that will have you all singing along before the night sky dawns”

“...for those who'd argue music can be its own opposite, Now You See Them is, above all, a long hard look in the mirror.”

“Now You See Them’s forte lies in perfect harmonies, quirky instrumentation, original arrangements, and thoughtful lyrics that are neither abstract nor plaintive, but ultimately uplifting without the portentous arrogance that is commonly used by naïve songwriters.”

Joe Hooten - Smoky Mountain Living

“If the NYST backstory seems like a Wes Anderson-directed film, their quirky, subversive pop would make a suitable soundtrack”

“This acoustic indie/folk pop trio has captivated audiences with their onstage ingenuity and their incorporation of nontraditional instruments - Andrea Cervone, The Inkwell (March 3, 2010)”

“Take gorgeous, searing harmonies, combine them with dark yet uplifting lyrics, a steady backbeat and a whirlwind touring schedule, and you have Asheville's hottest new band, Now You See Them.”

“NYST’s members finish each other’s sentences, balance each other’s musical aesthetics and seamlessly blend their singular talents to build a whole larger than the sum of its parts. ”

“Asheville folk favorites”

“The harmonies are gorgeous…very lush”

“Themes touch on travel and social commentary, but always with a darkly humorous spin belied by bubbly harmonies and pleasantly bombastic rhythms.”

“What a big sound for just the 3 of you!”

“Folk Sensations!”

“Now You See Them is a seasoned act dedicated to careful arrangements and complex time signatures, key and even instrument changes”