Nowhere Near / Press

“Seeing you guys at the Fresno Fair would be SICK! Hope you guys get to rock us out!! GOOD LUCK!!!”

“I submitted my vote! I really hope you guys make it to the Fresno Fair so I can come out and see you guys rock the crowd!!! Good luck and Semper Fi!!!!!”

“The BEST band I've Never heard! :) ”

“Nowhere Near is somewhere on target. You should hear their whole repetoire. They are going up somewhere!”

“I love "Remains"! Great break up song.”

“Excellent sounds! Drums, lead guitar solo, raspy throat vocals and of course Bones on Bass is frickin pissa. Listened to a few of the other bands and it's not even close, not even fair... It's like fishing with dynamite! Nowhere Near kicks ass!!”

“Love the irony in Prettiest Girl at the bar. Great lyrics and music!”

“Hey guys, loved the music! Def dug it. Voted for you guys!”

“Sounds, great. Really cool sound!”

“u culd axualli c da ghost in da album pic. dat is sooo coool!”

“This CD is full of rockin tunes and great lyrics, from the ironic "Prettiest Girl" to the dark soul searching "Remains", raw and sexy "10 minutes". These songs are for real. If you like Rock, Alternative and Metal, or just love good lyrics, check this band out.”