Novus Dae / Press

“Working with a band like Novus Dae is any producer's dream. Solid songs, great players. Focused and ambitious with their song writing. It was refreshing to hear a band take some chances and have such a wide spectrum of style yet still cohesive. I'd love to work with this band again.”

Clint Lowery - Producer; Guitarist/Vocalist - Sevendust/Call Me No One

"Novus Dae is the next big thing to come out of New England! Watching them play at the Webster in front of our mutual fans was an added bonus. Connecticut rocks and these guys support it."

Brad Stewart - Fuel - Bassist

"Novus Dae rocks! They are a band to look out for, their music is deep and packs a punch even deeper, I'm a Fan!"

Rick DeJesus - Adelitas Way - Lead Vocalist

"Fresh on the scene, Novus Dae has arrived! In your face sound and hard working, they are here to stay - don't miss your chance to see them!"

Michael Byers - Bassist - Seasons After

"These guys know what they're doing here. Good songs are good songs no matter what year or what genre it is."

Kenneth Schalk - Fuel - Drummer

"Novus Dae is upcoming, professional, and talented. The guys hit the stage with flare. It's that extra factor the other guys may be lacking!"

Scott Lee - Mass Concerts

"Novus Dae rocks out an awesome live show, their style is unique and ear catching! I love wrecking ball and support what these guys are doing for the music scene. It shows how much the guys have matured, great stuff. I hope that "Control Yourself" brings them the success they deserve."

Nick Fredell - Taproot - Drummer

"The first time I heard 2:11, I couldn't wait to own the entire record. Seeing them live was a bonus!"

Becky Hunt - Nonpoint tour Manager, Split Media

“Novus Dae takes you on a melodic but fierce rock voyage. From eerily calm, they rapidly transition to driving, sometimes frantic beats without losing the cohesion of each song. Tight vocal harmonies and catchy as hell choruses are unmistakable throughout.”

Todd Collins - UltraRadio

“In a time when many new modern rock bands seem to be poorly-conceived clones of their predecessors, Novus Dae manages to create a fresh sound that's all their own. Plus, they've got a great melodic sensibility-- something too many hard rockers tend to lose sight of.”

Mallory Zumbach - Warner Chapell Publishing

“Novus Dae is a band that combines enthusiasm, confidence, and talent to form a unit - functioning collectively and aiming for a common goal.”

Laurie Hodges - Cubed Squared Entertainment Agency

“I had the pleasure of catching the CD Release show at the Webster Theatre and Novus Dae put on a great show that their fans won't forgot for a long time. They turned the casual fan into die-hards that night and will continue to do so on every stage they play.”

Brian Zarlenga - EMI Music Marketing

“These guys have that sound you will remember. For a hot minute I was trying to find out what movie their music was in. They really need to invest in some time shopping their music to some music directors. They have that soundtrack quality music. Their music is mentally stimulating and contagious.”

Shinobi - Urban Mainstream Magazine

“Novus Dae is solid, fat, melodic yet vicious at times. Heavy and catchy.”

Dave DiCenso - Berklee College of Music