NovaKord / Press

““My favorite local song, which is probably not easily predictable, is “Out There” by NovaKord. NovaKord gave out this song to show goers at multiple shows this year and since I got my hands on it I couldn’t stop listening. Maybe it’s the positive lyrics or the unexpected powerful vocals; this song isn’t one to look over.””

"NovaKord brings the phrase ‘vocal hotness’ to a new level with their synthesized vocal processing and beat matching tricks. A SOLID group with great sounds! It’s like a light acid-trip that leaves you wanting to ‘fractal out’ for a few more hours; your ears are left yearning for more.”

"I absolutely loved their set and was so grateful that I got to 529 early to see them play. As soon as lead vocalist Wes Daniel sang his first note I knew this band was going to be a must see. I couldn’t believe what an amazing voice he had and the whole band was on point. Catch this band live if you are in Atlanta!”