Nothing Gained / Press

“Nothing Gained are simply incredible, they weld together dualing molten metallic guitars with a bombastic rhythm section and top off their sound with the ball busting lead vocals of Emma Finch, a female singer who can growl with the best of them as well as seductively croon when neccessary. Imagine the rage of Tairre B of My Ruin fame crossed with the melodic vocals of Amy Lee (Evanescene) and you're somewhere near to understanding the depth of Emma Finch's stunning range. Then think of a band who can deliver skull crushing raging metal one minute and then drop down to delicately plucked and strummed acoustic guitars the next. Whether Nothing Gained are playing hell bent for leather or delivering a melodic masterpiece they manage to play everything with true passion and drive. Nothing Gained have helped restore my faith in a genre of music that I had recently found myself shying away from.”

Will Munn - Rhythm & Booze

“Nascent is the début album from London metal project Nothing Gained, whose grinding riffs and feminine vocals show promise beneath layers of mediocre production. Nascent starts up with half a minute of seemingly unconnected cliché goth-metal synth keys’n'strings intro, but then we’re straight into the grinding metal riffage of “Bane”. Nothing Gained‘s chainsaw guitar style is topped off by Emma Finch’s vocal performance, which flips between a winsome and girly delivery to the sort of throat-ripping screams that Tairrie B has for a trademark. Now that we have their measure, Nothing Gained stick to their chosen path; Nascent isn’t a particularly innovative album. That’s not an issue, though – innovation is rare currency right now, and there’s plenty of space for bands who can do one thing and do it well. ”