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Not Above Evil / Press

“Now this is pretty good, NAE take their musical cues from a number of diverse influences. There are large slices of Behemoth and Bathory style black metal in their sound, a fair bit of old school Slayer type thrash as well, and then, just to take the edge off the bang and bludgeon there are bits of Lamb Of God and Mastodon-U-Like southern metal thrown in the mix as well. The result is most pleasing to the ear and makes for a far more complete and rounded sound than on the preceding Deification opus. It's almost as if NAE have come of age musically.”

“This Manchester four piece bring the shit it’s that simple. With Death metal growls, precision playing and well crafted tracks. It’s in your face brain shredding metal. The band give their influences as many but include Lamb of god and Mastadon. I’d like to add a touch of Cradle of Filth and Dimmu to that and shake it up, tip it and you get this. Guitar work many bands only get wet dreams about and a back section that pounds your face like a sledge-hammer to the cranium. Every track delivers its own little bit of evil and its own little bit of pain. However its a very listenable release one that doesn’t drive you away actually whilst doing this I had it on repeat. This is an important step for British metal and we need to get behind bands like this and show the world the talent we have right here.”

“If you like intelligent, complex melodic death metal then Not Above Evil have it all – scything riffs, soaring solos, sand-blasted vocals and a tight rhythm section, not to mention powerful, memorable songs that stay with you long after the album has faded down into silence. A brilliant slab of muscular metal, Not Above Evil are a band to treasure.”

“Each song has it's own identity, no two sound the same. That's what I really like to see in bands these days. One of the most interesting things though is the length of the songs, which mostly span past 5 minutes. Very unheard of these days in the metal scene. Although these songs may span on for a more lengthy of a time, it doesn't affect how lost you get in each one. There were times that I had wondered why the song stopped. So altogether, I believe this is a well done EP. They do have a CD from previous years that I haven't gotten my hands on yet, but I will soon. Here is a link to their website for you guys so you can listen to the full stream of the album and make a decision for yourself on if you want to buy this EP. If you enjoy the music, buy it. Support the artists you listen to.”

“‘Against The Tides’ is one of the best tracks on here with memorable guitar solos that allow you to look past the slightly cheesy sounding lyrics. The only major let down is the progressive intro to ‘Nexus’ which doesn’t seem to fit the style set by the rest of the album. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to achieve with this. Luckily that track does have certain redeeming features such as the guitar solos towards the end. Another notable track is ‘As The Curtain Falls’ which continues where ‘Against The Tides’ left off with more memorable guitar riffs and solos that have enormous mosh-pit potential. The final track ‘The Duel’ seems like the perfect way to end this album with its deceptively slow and melodic intro that ensures the listener is all the more unprepared for the intensity of the remainder of the song. Overall this is a very solid release.”

“Melodic Death Metal is one of those genres which can often divide opinions amongst those who listen to it, sometimes going past the melodic point and sometimes taking it too far meaning it’s too soft. What Not Above Evil have done though is take the genre and make it their own, creating an album which isn’t a simple collection of tracks, but a journey. There are so many influences here within the music which grab you and pull you in, but the whole time the band stamp their own take firmly upon it, meaning that whilst you can link them to their peers, most of the time what you’re hearing is unique and fresh. As an album, this is a hell of an achievement and something which I think is going to serve these guys well from here in, I for one will be keeping a close eye on them to see what comes next!”

“Once again Manchester produces a Death Metal collection worthy of the highest esteem, complexities highlighting musicians prepared to push and extend themselves to the limits. Elaborate riffs and patterns, enhanced by blistering solos, provide perfect accompaniment to debut album “Deification” emphasising Not Above Evil’s position in the high echelons of U.K or even the worlds metal acts.”

“Their riffs and drumming prove to me at least that they like Lamb of God - a lot - but their vocalist goes for a high-pitched, throat-shredding black metal shriek more often than a guttural roar, and that sets them apart somewhat. The songs' guitar solos are tasteful and well-executed, too. Thumbs up.”

“No question about it, you guys are making some very classy, interesting and somewhat technical metal here. Production is really good, and the vocals managed to straddle the right balance between the vicious brutality and discernible melodies. Keep up the good work!”

“The twelve tracks on offer here will offer many a metalhead plenty of horn-throwing and headbanging opportunities, whether it be via the warp-speed riffing of 'Terra Nova' or the harmonised soloing of 'Jacob's Ladder'. It's an album that certainly sits comfortably against the recent output of far bigger names and is certainly worth a listen.”

““Deification” is an album combining the best of death metal and hardcore, creating a crushing, formidable and daunting ambience. Each constituent part of the three piece shine although the radiance is shadowy rather than glowing. Listen to “Deification” whilst enduring a hangover at your peril.”

“This is a monster, coming in at 60 minutes over 12 tracks, every track offering a great listening experience. Never becoming repetitive or uninteresting, 60 minutes might seem a long time, but it will be time well spent if you’re listening to this! Procceedings are ended with an 8 minute instrumental track ‘Of Stars And Shadows’ incorporating all of the bands influences and sounds, a fitting finale to what is a very impressive cd. Heavy as fuck blackened death metal. Brutal and melodic; catchy yet evil. Well recommended.”

“There is no denying the playing intensity and crushing power this album possesses. I will definitely be looking for some tour dates to check them out live.”

“Musically I’d describe Not Above Evil as modern technical death metal with sharp riffs and cool melodies as the basis of all. The songs are well written and contain enough groove to keep sticking and the guys show they can play.”

“The guitar work and drumming are in general mind blowing and aficionados of the uncompromising end of the hard metal spectrum, will find satisfaction in the forceful blend of blistering rock symphonies and throat shredding angst.”

“Tecnically reminiscent to a degree of the twiddly insanity of technical death bands such as Necrophagist, mixxed in with a sincere portion of speed metal and thrash, Not Above Evil open with aplomb and put on show an impressive degree of talent. The band has clear potential, but they are not yet exploiting it to its fullest, their songs are technically impressive, but as of yet they need groove and subtle musicianship to play a larger role in their song writing. The song 'Jacob's Ladder' stands out within their set, offering the promise of a more defined sound in the future; this band needs to find it's voice to set them apart from the competition.”

“Not Above Evil have produced a fine début EP that really impressed me with a mix of brutal Metal heaviness and loads of catchy melodic ideas”