“My wife and I went to see Nostalgia at a local club in Santa Ana recently and I just want to say how blown away we were at the whole band and how blessed we were by their witness for our Lord Jesus Christ! These guys just TORE IT UP!!! The whole band is tight, the bass player and drummer just RIPS and lead guitar work from both guitarits was SHREDDING the whole show and Brian's voice is just awesome! I love this guys voice man...The Lord has really blessed him with a great range and a totally unique sound that makes the band stand out from the crowd!!! I also LOVED how they talked openly and unashamed of their faith....NOT preachy but just honest and cutting edge quickly in between songs and even sometimes in the middle of a song! It was GREAT to hear the witness for our Lord followed by such powerful ripping up-to-date heavy rock! And to top it all off, we got to meet T.J. Servant of Righteous Rock”

Paul Glenn Cawley - Former vocalist of Guardian

“On Friday May 17th 2013 we had the great pleasure in seeing one of the bands that we play here on Righteous Rock TV. Nostalgia had the Holy Spirit all over them as they played a few songs from their first album like "Dust" and "Rekindle The Flame". As they played God moved through The House of Metal that night, and on the hearts of all who were there. Later during the set Nostalgia played a New song titled "Saints Arise" and that really opened up the heavens to heal and comfort all that came out that night. Thank you again to Nostalgia for letting us be a part of what God is doing with you and we look forward to seeing you again soon. You can order Nostalgia's CD @ www.RighteousRockTV.com in the Righteous Rock Store and remember, "We Play The Only ROCK That's RIGHT"”

“Wow guys! I really like your music! It's powerfully melodic, with kickin drums and great riffs! Being a fan of metal, your music and powerful lyrics will touch many lives. Bless you guys and keep kickin it for Jesus! Rey Parra- Sacred Warrior & Worldview”

Review From Rey Parra, Vocalist For Worldview

"We have had Nostalgia come and play twice for youth outreach. Both times the outreaches were a great success. They have real hearts for the lost. The lyrics in their songs really speak the message of salvation. They are sensitive to the holy spirit, as well as the leadership of the church. I believe they will be a great blessing and I highly recommend Nostalgia. They have a solid ministry to both teens and young adults." Pastor Bruce Pennington, Lighthouse Christian Center, Murrieta, CA

Lighthouse Christian Center

"I walked into Malone's in Santa Ana recently, and the first band I saw there was Nostalgia, the awesome metal band I had seen initially two years ago at "Up From The Ashes 3" in Temecula. They have not lost any of the elements that I really enjoyed about them when I first heard them. They can rock with the best! But I especially appreciate that their lyrics are bold and uninhibited. Most of them are taken right out of the Bible. And vocalist, Brian Dale is not timid about singing out those messages with his strong, clear voice. Also, I think it's so cool that the guitarists, Don and Josh, are father and son. I am honored to play their music on The Cross Stream and I'm looking forward to their new CD coming out soon. Would love to see them play again soon. - Cindy Gilkey

"When I book a band, I rarely have the opportunity to watch a band's full set. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the uplifting ferocity that Nostalgia graced us with at the House Of Metal".....Eddie At The House Of Metal (Promoter, Co-Owner, Co-Producer)