NO SIR E / Press

“On remixes and productions, the effect is calculated and the chops are sharp, but his music remains improvisatory and organic, not overworked. Dense without being crowded, heavy on the bass, and deeply influenced by hip-hop, this is feel-good music that sounds big. This is perhaps the most vibrant thread in underground American electronic music right now: it’s live, self-produced, employing risky improv on laptops, and mixing diverse, deep, hip-hop-inspired digital sounds.”

“Well aware Delaware native No Sir E isn't fucking around. His sound, live show and real-life size belie his mere 22 years, suggesting more...”

Cozy - Rapmusic.com

“We arrived at the Downtown Independent as Delaware's No Sir E was wrapping up his set, beating the air with his fist while waving his controller in the air...”