No Shame In Dying / Press

“Playing the early slot was No Shame In Dying (NSID), whose impressive set brought the venue to life. A newer band from the East LA area, NSID clearly has what it takes to gain a listeners attention. One is quick to notice the various influences each of the band members bring to the collective, and together they create a sound that both hardcore kids and metal purists may enjoy. Vocalist Weechy is a compelling stage presence, and can really let loose with a powerhouse stage presence. Sylvester Luevano excels on guitar while Randy Rios and Erik Padilla make for a formidable rhythm section. Their cover of the As I Lay Dying song Through Struggle was inspired. Amongst the original material, Your Insecurity really stood out and grabbed the audience by throat. NSID is definitely a local band to be on the lookout for – it will be exciting to see where they are a year from now.”