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"The band we come to praise, though, is North Lawrence Midnight Singers, the rootsy quintet fronted by singer Jamie Olson (and featuring Arnold), whose sharply and smartly written Last Great Saturday Night is an impressive set of welcoming and warm melancholic tunes that evoke Nashville Skyline-era Bob Dylan and the easygoing, country-leaning Grateful Dead. And that's a good thing."

"The band’s latest offering, Last Great Saturday Night, transplants the Singers’ setting from the Jersey shore to a Tupelo saloon, and they happen to be the swaggery house band with a charismatic lead singer. Tune in below to “Another Night” and pay close attention to vocal vibrato carrying the song. Totally Roy Orbison. Totally Buddy Holly. Totally Elvis Presley."

"Fresh and invigorating rootsy rock’n’roll...Even the smallest hint of something new or different in the hydra-headed monster of a genre that calls itself Americana is to be welcomed, so the second album from Philadelphia’s Midnight Singers is the proverbial breath of fresh air. It may be rooted in the classics—southern rock, classic rock’n’roll singles, even a hint of doo-wop, as well as the more expected rootsy rock’n’roll—but it’s what they do with those well worn items that counts, and what they do is make music that has a freshness, a youth to it...with the driving roadhouse rocker All Night Rain adding a bit of Tom Petty and My Way Is Lost providing plenty of torch and twang, the band save their best for the closing title track, which has serious anthem potential. One love leaves, another arrives, everything changes, everything stays the same. One thing is for sure though, there should be plenty of great Saturday nights in store with the Midnight Singers."

"Local quintet of twang-loving folksy rock that’s baked in sun, soaked in bourbon and radiating with old timey blues on their second strong full length"

"Classic southern rock hasn't died; it's just been waiting for North Lawrence Midnight Singers to bring it back. They may come from the decidedly northern territory of Philadelphia, but their new album Last Great Saturday Night goes to the core of what truly makes classic southern rock indelible. The warm, shuffling title track explores young love in a wistful, unpretentious way just like their forefathers used to do. The guitar work has the twang of an Allman brother, and the voice behind it all is reminiscent of some genetic crossbreed of Neil Young and Tom Petty. Have a good old time with these old-fashioned but never dated dudes."

"Tonight the North Lawrence Midnight Singers will be pulling into The Station for a night of folk and Americana of yesteryear. The Midnight Singers are a well-oiled harmonizing machine both live and on record, producing sauntering ballads that go great with a Southern sunset and a stiff cocktail. Each song for these folk chameleons highlights a different influence from Presley and Petty to contemporaries like Vetiver and Magnolia Electric Co. Last year they released the well-received Last Great Saturday Night, which was one of Philadelphia Inquirer’s Dan DeLuca’s Top 10 Local Releases for 2010."

"On their song "All Day All Night" Philly fivesome North Lawrence Midnight Singers call to mind the Replacements when they went down to Memphis to record with Jim Dickinson: whiskey-and-cigarette-shaped vocals from a punk heart merging with rockabilly backbeats, country guitar twang and a potent dose of classic R&B soul. The ghosts of Sun Studios live in several of NLMS' other tunes, and when they say they're fond of "all the cats who made up the Traveling Wilburys," they're not kidding, though they certainly handle those collective influences with care."

"This young philly band knows the secret to straddling the classic/jam/indie divide: It's gotta be catchy, like sing-along-everybody-now-c'mon catchy. Peppy beats, twangy guitars and Jamie Olson's moonshine vocals help NLMS hit you the same place the Wilburys or the Connells used to. "

Patrick Rapa - Philadelphia City Paper

"Shambling country-Folk Goodness Culled from the Oldest of Schools" UM...DROP 2008 ROUNDUP (Top 10 Local Releases) - DOUG WALLEN, Philly Weekly

Doug Wallen - Philadelphia Weekly

"Together, the boys create a rich, rollicking take on old-fashioned rock, rolling together the big, booming harmonies of Buddy Holly with the winding guitar work of American Beauty and the witticisms of Bob Dylan."

Brian Rademaekers - Fishtown Star