Northern Lands / Press

“Singer/guitarist Joshua Cournoyer is one of the most impassioned dudes I've ever witnessed onstage and his latest venture alongside local music vet Aaron Jaehnig is onto something pretty damn special. "This is the one that started it all for me," Cournoyer beamed prior to "This Old War." I am hooked on this song, and I'd be surprised if these guys aren't out touring the country with Deer Tick and/or Joe Fletcher by year's end. Northern Lands are in for big things this year — guaranteed." ”

Chris Conti - The Providence Phoenix

“It is, at its best moments, a reminder of the very best times of rock ’n’ roll.”

“If the band’s music elicits the sound of empty beer bottles and boozy late nights around seaside towns, that’s by design.”

“Like CCR and the Stones in a barroom brawl... ”