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“But I am also that guy you want on your side when it comes to finding music worth hearing. You may not accept this, but I do not write for myself (all the time, anyway). I write for the musician and listener. I want to help people find music and I want to help musicians get discovered. When the music is exceptional, in the case of, say, The Norrish Reaction or Sydney Wayser, that gets amped up to need. I need to help get this music to the right people because it deserves to be heard. Is that hard to understand? ... you really like to hear something new and fresh. You can thank me later.”

“Norrish Reaction – Their debut self-titled CD brings together the classic powerpop vibe of Big Star or The Knack, and blends it with a unique and eclectic tapestry of psych-pop alternative rock elements, provocative lyrics and swirling harmonies, all delivered with Seattle-inspired attitude. Yes, it really is that good…come check out their IPO showcase and you’ll hear what we mean!”

“Norrish Reaction is excited to be featured on the International Pop Overthrow - Volume 16 CD set with so many amazing bands. "International Pop Overthrow - Volume 16″ (3-CD set) 3 CDs and 68 bands! Each year, the International Pop Overthrow festival kicks off its yearly celebration of power pop in Los Angeles and without fail, for 16 years, the 3 CD set that honors the festival ships the first few days of August. Pre-Order and save $4 if you order before July 24th. (ships August 1st and 2nd). "Volume 16" might one of the most comprehensive gathering of new power pop-oriented bands in all the volumes so far!”

“These guys are original. These guys have the spark. And this album, as much as I have listened to it (and I have listened to it a lot), has not even begun to lose its edge. This is music. This is what you should be listening to.”

“Norrish Reaction has been selected to join Supercuts’ “Rock The Cut” new Artist program. Supercuts has been brilliant in this creative business strategy by selecting 1,000 up-and-coming artists from around the world to be featured on their Rock the Cut music download site. The campaign’s purpose is to align artists’ passion for music with the artistry and level of attention that Supercuts offers.”

“Thousand Roads earned NR a complete listen and as I sit here, I am slowly realizing that this album warrants much more than that. If I was a music director or program director at a radio station, I would be adding Thousand Roads to the playlist with a recommendation for the jocks to listen to the complete album to find followups. Good, good stuff.”

“Lenny on London Bridge Studio in Seattle...Having worked in some great rooms, like United Sound in Detroit, and some of the rooms in Atlanta where I recorded with jazz legend Earl Klugh, when I heard how epic the song Walked Away could be, I knew this project would benefit from having that level of quality, expertise, and technology available.”

Lenny Price, World-class Saxophonist - Quote from CWU Publication

“It is a killer of an album if you like Pop/Psych or if you just like melody and harmony. And guitar (the guitar is amazing). And bass. And drums. And vocals. Turnidge did a hell of a job mastering. Geoff Ott did a topnotch job producing, too.”

“Guitarist, singer and songwriter Winston Norrish recently upgraded to Harman’s Soundcraft Si Compact 24, a small-format console with the flexibility and ease of use for live shows that he needs with his band, Norrish Reaction. Norrish recently completed a recording project at the historic London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington with friend and drummer Bob Lupton. After great success, Norrish wanted a console that he could take on the road for live music venues.”

“Turns out Norrish Reaction is another listen-worthy artist/band under the mastering fingers of Mr. Turnidge. I’m on my first run-through of the album-long post and admit to being quite impressed, but how could I not be when the kickoff track dragged me back to the late sixties and early seventies in an AM radio/Pop way.”

“I was immediately blown away by Winston's vocal and melodies, and he’s a great guitar player—he’s a shredder—he has lots of skills on the guitar. He and Bob had tons of ideas and it was a great collaboration getting Winston’s vision across.”

“Indeed, this album is going to make me cheat. While it is technically a 2012 release, I am going to slip it in with my picks for 2013. It's early in the year, but this has a good chance to end up my pick for Album of the Year. If I pick one. If I don't, it will be amongst my top picks. It's just that freakin' good.”

“In organic chemistry, a Norrish reaction describes a particular photochemical reaction. It was named for British chemist Ronald George Wreyford Norrish. In rock 'n' roll, Norrish Reaction is a new, high-energy band that has just released its first CD. It’s named for CWU geology professor Winston Norrish.”