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“Seattle gave birth to Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Heart, and today, the place is just buzzing with new artists like Young Evils, XVIII Eyes, Neko Case, Macklemore, Case Studies, My Goodness, Lemolo, La Luz, Norey, and many, many more.”

“Fans of Folk Rock, Roots Rock, Adult Alternative and even World Music would do well to check out this album. Vocalist/guitarist Alejandro Garcia is a fascinating listen as his accent pours through each song as much as his emotion does. Highlights on the album include tracks “How’s It All” with it’s dark but sweet melodies, “Rumors,” “Untie Your Arms,” the mellow vibes of “Blue Horse” and the mid-tempo “You Keep Running.” “Rumors” is one bad-ass tune. Jaunty acoustic strumming, impassioned vocals, lively drumming and grooving bass lines along with the well-written lyrics and scorching lead guitar make this tune one of the best things this reviewer has heard in the last year. Garcia’s accent adds to the dark shadings and mystery of the tune. No Rey work together as a band and that lends to some very cohesive recordings. The songs of Untie Your Arms are filled with detailed expression and observations on life and individuals and emotions.”

“NoRey unravels an intricate fabric that was once woven with several different genres, yet together, the band creates a cohesive quilt of acoustic-like folk rock. NoRey hails from Seattle, Washington and throughout the years the band has garnered a following and at the same time their sound has evolved to what we hear on their album Untie Your Arms. The song “How’s It All” is a great track that I can just imagine being blasted across a happy, dancing crowd on a moonlit night. There is an anchoring chorus that is so inviting, while the background music is keeping a very pleasant and almost ethereal beat that gives the song so much light air you feel as though you might just float away. The main vocalist’s unique tone gives a sense of vintage style and a bit of history and at times a foreign accent comes through. This combined with the style of music gives NoRey a unique sound and each distinct member opens up the listener to a new experience through both dynamic lyrics and soun”

"This band will be one of the greatest bands ever if the love they put into their music is reciprocated. I never heard of NoRey before this event, but now I will make certain others hear about them."

A.P Martin - NW Lovefest

"Sometimes you just know that you’re listening to a proper band. No offence to anyone of a defensive disposition, but some groups are together because they want to be. No Rey, whom I have been tracking for a while, emanate togetherness. Their latest release is called Untie Your Arms and it suggests that the bonds are closer than ever." "Untie Your Arms is a tidy studio album that places alluring songs in a variety of neat settings. Some are subtle and some are more direct, but all of them are crafted to sound as immediate and intimate as the studio will allow. It’s a recording that sounds good in the car and persuasive enough to make you put another coin in the jukebox."

“NoRey: This five-track release will make you want to quit pruning your pubes, live in a yurt, do mind-expanding drugs, and take group showers.”

“An international ensemble culled from more continents than a hand has fingers, No Rey plays deeply lyrical, rangy music which defies easy—or even hard—classification. Its lead singer, the Colombian expat Alejandro Garcia, is a Javier Bardem soundalike who melts panties in three words or less, and was kind enough to play the fictitious role of bloodthirsty, coke-snorting chef Lou Kohl on a Seattle Weekly cover last year. If NoRey existed in Malibu in the '70s, they'd have been the house band at Margot Kidder's pad, covering “Pusherman” every time Jack Nicholson or James Taylor showed up with a few grams, and passing out on shag carpets and chaise lounges at the end of the night (or morning).”

"during the absolutely stunning performance at the can can, i was struck upside the head by the excellent combination of haunting melodies with dirty grooves."

Micah Thomas

“One of These Days is an Alice in Wonderland sort of album, crafted in a series of hypnotic, rhythmic, and intoxicating melodies. The album starts with a lulling beat, a dreamlike melody, almost as if the song depicts a person lost in a trance......”